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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: A year ago today... part 1

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A year ago today... part 1

For those of you who know me on a personal level... you know that I can be a bit long winded. Well... I wanted to post on my memories of the birth of my son, but since this is the first time I've ever really written the story down... it is a bit lengthy. I'm still not quite done and I'm well into the 3rd page. So... here is the first installment! Keep posted for more over the next 24ish hours. :)

Today my little boy is 1 year old! It is truly amazing how much can change in one years time. Some days flew by, while others stretched until I didn’t think they would ever end. What is really crazy, is to think about where I was one year ago today. I actually started thinking about this last night as we lay down to go to sleep. My mind reeled with all the memories.

I was set to be induced Monday morning at 7 am, December 4th. My little baby was one week overdue and I was very uncomfortable! :) My husband's parents and brother had come into town to be with us (since they could know when we were having the baby) and we had a lovely weekend with them ~ such a help around the house in my final days too!

DH and I went off to church Sunday evening for the much needed final practice before the children’s choir did their special number the following week. I would not be a part of that performance (even though I wrote the song and had been the one to teach them and help them through all the practices) the following week, so several parents had volunteered to learn it and lead the kids in their performance. Basically, I HAD to be there to teach the parents what to do and help the kids one more time. :)

It was between 6:30 and 7 when we moved into the music room to practice the song with the kids, and it was at that same time that I had my first contraction. I didn’t say anything to anyone because DH and I had spent several evenings counting minutes between contractions in the past few weeks just to go to bed after they had stopped. I didn’t even pay attention to how often they were happening (a number of times over the next hour of practice). I did get a chair to sit on when I needed it… but mostly I pressed on.

At home that evening (around 8ish) we had a quick dinner, cleaned up and sat down to play games. I was stopping every now and then to get through a contraction (still not telling anyone). They noticed a few times, but I said I was fine and we kept playing. It really was fun!

Around 11, we decided to head to bed (them in our bed and us on the air mattress in the baby’s room [note: don’t ever sleep on an air mattress when you could be in labor… VERY difficult to get up the 1000 times I did that evening]). Kitchen timer in hand, I finally told DH as we settled under the covers that I had been having contractions for several hours. We monitored them together for a while, but finally decided that I would continue trying to sleep/monitoring them, while he took out his contacts and tried to sleep for a while. He would need at least an hour without contacts to be able to put them in again to get us to the hospital if we had to go… so at midnight he took them out and went to sleep.

I would have loved to have slept! Every 3-7 minutes, though, I was having another contraction. I wasn’t supposed to call the doctor until they had been every 5 minutes for an HOUR! Yeah… just before 1 a.m. I decided to call. The nice man at the service said he would page my doctor on call and to call him back if I didn’t hear from her in 15 minutes. It really would have been great if I had paid attention to what time it was when he said that, but alas, no. It’s amazing how hard it is to pay attention to the passing of time when you are in labor (note the reason for the kitchen timer… but it was being used for other things just then). Finally I decided to start the 15 minutes over… and after what was officially more than 15 minutes I called again… and he said the same thing. After another 10 minutes the phone rang. I explained everything and the doctor said I should come in and they’d check everything out. Sigh!

To be continued...



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