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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Welcome

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Yes, welcome! Welcome to Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace! These are indeed the adventures of my life. And though my online identity and blog name focus on chasing these babies God has graciously given us, it does not consume my life (though sometimes it does consume my time!) Around here you will find so much more than just baby chasing. In fact, as we train and parent our children, we strive never to be chasing them at all... except for in the way we try to keep up with their high energy lives!

I'm trying to learn how to put my head knowledge into action. I'm trying to put off things like laziness and pride and to replace them with humility and... whatever the opposite of laziness is. :) I'm working to be a better keeper of my home, mother to my children, and helpmeet to My Beloved!

I hope that in these pages you will find something to encourage your heart as we all continue "growing in grace!"