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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Two Boys and a Man

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Two Boys and a Man

The new recipe I tried last night... in spite of sick kids!

They're all sick.

All. Of. Them. (Edited to say: we're all sick now)

That's something I've never said before. Before now, they've "both" been sick... now it's "all". I can only smile at that. Of course not that my babies are sick... but that I can say "all" at all. No fevers as far as I know... and they don't even know they're miserable, which is nice. Runny noses, extra nose blowing, and my sweet girl sounds more like a man than a sweet girl.

She's not the only one going horse. Little Man seems to have a horse-ness to his cry. Nothing to suction from him yet (TMI?), but his spit up is, shall I say, not quite normal. He's also a bit fussier than normal.

I'm all about doing what works these days... and today it was wearing him. I'm not really a full time baby wearer. I wear him when it's convenient. Mostly when we're out... stores, on walks, church, etc. I rarely baby-wear around the house. I want him to learn to fall asleep on his own and to get that deep sleep that's hard to get when someone's bonking you in the head all the time... plus, it's just more comfortable to carry him when he needs to be up and to get my work done when he is content down or sleeping. With extra discontent in our home this evening and dinner to get on... then a disaster in the kitchen.... Let's just say babywearing is what worked today. I did all the dishes, and there were plenty, with Little Man in the sling kangaroo style. I'm hoping for some neck massage later this evening.

Overall we're doing well. I'm grateful for a clean kitchen (mostly), a home cooked meal (even if it was crazy to make it and we ate a couple hours late), sleeping children (sigh!), and the Bruster's in the freezer (thank you My Beloved for going out for it this evening!)

I'm hoping (with all the herbal tea we're drinking around here) everyone will start getting better before getting worse... and that no suctioning will be necessary!

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