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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Diapers on my Doorstep

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Diapers on my Doorstep

Ok, so I was home when they were delivered, and the wonderful UPS man slipped them into the house for me, but they still came to the door!

We've been running out of diapers for Tornado and Sweet Pea (isn't that what we're always doing... running out?) and weren't sure what we were going to do. We last purchased a couple big stock ups with a trial membership at BJs at the beginning of the summer. We only go through 2-3 diapers a day for them... total... so it works well to do that. But it was just a trial membership.

And for Little Man, though we are using cloth at home, My Beloved feels better in disposable when we go out. A wonderful lady from My Beloved's office gave us a huge bag of their left over newborn diapers, so once we were done with the ones the hospital sent us home with, I switched to cloth here and use the "hand me downs" when we go out. Problem is that Little Man is no tiny guy. The "Little" in this name I've given him refers to him being "little" for a man... not a baby. :) The last couple times we've ventured from the house even for a little while, the diapers really were too small... even leaking terribly one time because of the fit. But I kept using them because they are all we have.

What's that you say??? Go to the store? Sure... that would be a simple enough fix. Except... My Beloved is really busy these days, we aren't taking Little Man into "real" public yet, and I don't have a car at my disposal. Certainly My Beloved could have stopped by CVS for some diapers if I'd asked him to, but we hadn't gotten that far.

Then here we were... this weekend. We'd gotten *that* far. We really needed diapers for everybody! So I finally decided to look into I'd gotten a coupon code for $10 off in my hospital goody bag, and I'd heard good things about them before, so I looked them up.

Prices looked good, there were some instant savings type coupons for the Huggies right there on the site, and I wouldn't have to leave home. They'd come straight to me... and in two days time! I was sold. Or at least the diapers were. I bought them. A huge pack (150 diapers) of size 5 Luvs for the kids (I hope they work, I've never really tried Luvs before) and a couple different sizes for Little Man. Since we are only planning to use them when going out, I got a pack of 1s (50 diapers) and a pack of 2s (36 diapers). Hopefully that will hold us over! And all for $44 and change.

Anyway... the whole point of this post is to say that it was so cool to have diapers delivered! And for the same amount (or less) than we would have spent if we'd had to go to all the trouble of going out! :) That makes this mama smile!

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