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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: The Way it Went: All Alone!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Way it Went: All Alone!

It had only been a couple hours since I'd begun his last feeding, but he was crying again. It was 7am. Though he'd been good about falling right back to sleep each time, he woke for feeding every two and a half hours through the night. Now, apparently, it was time again.

"Ok, baby," I whispered, as I lifted him out of his little bassinet beside my bed. So this was to be the start of today, I thought.

He finished his feeding and I battled within myself over whether I'd get up and start the day or lay him back down and cozy myself beneath those cool sheets again. I continued deliberation while changing his diaper, and then, with baby in tow, I gave in to my scratched out trial schedule and made my way to the kid's room.

Lights on. Diapers off. Potty time. To the kitchen. Light the stove. Empty dish drainer. Cook with hands full. Dish up oatmeal. Add medicine. Serve breakfast. Wipe up kids.

"Would you like to help mommy clear the table Tornado?" He would. "Sweet Pea," I start, heading off the *But I want to do it* whining, "would you like to help mommy wash dishes?"

Slowly, the stool is pulled over to the sink. Sweet Pea climbs up to the counter. Part of the new routine I'd worked out for *after baby comes* includes the children in meal clean up. This keeps them with me, teaches them skills, and increases the chances that I'll keep up with the kitchen in these crazy sleep deprived days.
Put Little Man down for his nap. Switch laundry. Singing on the floor. Memorization work. Library books. Table time. Stop procrastinating and make deodorant. Tornado narrates a drawing for the first time. Nurse the baby. Read aloud. Diaper "blow out". Change mommy's skirt. Nurse and read some more.

"Let's put shoes on," I proclaimed as Little man finished up his late morning meal. I was relieved, as I glanced through the window, to see the shade of the tall trees across the street still falling on our lawn. The plan was to be outside earlier in the morning, but with the baby still napping at the time, that wasn't going to work for us.

Schedules are meant to serve us, not enslave us. And when we see how our schedule could serve us better in a slightly (or even completely) different order, it only makes sense to switch it up. Instead we did our table time in the morning and spent our time playing in the yard now... with Little Man.

Inside. Baby down. Computer time (unplanned) while kids play. Eat and clean up lunch. Potty time. Diaper on Sweet Pea. Tuck in. Lights off. Reminders to stay in bed.

Wake up Little Man. Offer potty time. Catch potty and poop~Hooray! New diaper. Nurse. Computer time.

And the afternoon kept on. Before long, I was swaddling Little Man up tight, kissing his cheek and laying him down again. It was two o'clock. All the kids were asleep. Time enough to write a post and search for a couple things online before the silence would again be overwhelmed with little voices and precious running feet.

Nurse. Baby potties again. Kids up. Drawing at the table. Left overs in the oven. Little Man's down again. Time elapses. Daddy's home. Dinner's ready. Nurse again. All to the table. Dinner's gone (for most of us). A something sweet. Baby down. Dishes washed. Fireworks in the street.

Inside. Ready for bed. Goodnight kisses and hugs.

I pulled the door closed quietly behind me, saying one last good-night. My Beloved was already settled with his laptop when I came into the living room with an armful of laundry. I began to fold as he started our audio book, a nice alternative to movies, and settled himself and his laptop next to me on the couch.

The laundry folded and his computer set aside, we cuddled and listened, munched cookies, fed the baby when it was time, and were in bed by ten.

Looking back over "Day 1", I see many blessings, many things done well and much that could get better. I see so many moments to be thankful for and am aware of my need to focus ever more on thankfulness for those moments!

Until this, my first day *on my own*, I could only imagine what my days chasing three would be like. Even now, looking back at it, I know it's just one "baby step" to learning our new normal. It's a transition. Not every day will go this smoothly, and some days will be even better still. It is my desire to see God's grace and my growth in every moment!

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At August 25, 2010 at 8:57 AM , Blogger Kristin said...

So happy to hear of your smooth day. I am anticipating those new baby days in a few weeks with more than a little nervousness. This was the encouragement I needed!


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