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Sick kid and laundry (a TMI post!)

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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Sick kid and laundry (a TMI post!)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sick kid and laundry (a TMI post!)

 This is what one corner of my couch looks like right now.

It's the remnants of a night with a sick child.  My poor Sweet Pea woke crying last night at 10 (seconds before I was getting in the shower and daddy wasn't home... don't think I'm not still praising God for the providence of His timing on that one!)  I thought it was just night terrors again, but when I got in there to sooth and tuck back in, she said she'd thrown up.  I think she was mostly upset at being messy.

 I brought her in the bathroom, started the water and carefully began pulling off jammie parts.  My sweet girl.  She doesn't like her hair washed in the first place, but when she doesn't feel good, it's just worse!

I was grateful My Beloved got home shortly after this whole thing started and jumped right in to help.  By the time the bath was over, the bed was remade and all the linens affected were in the washer waiting to be started.  We added a couple bath towels and some other things from a few incidences in the bathroom before starting it up.

Then we spent the next 3 hours sitting together on the couch with a bowl, traveling down the hall every 15 minutes or so.  Oh... and of course I and my pregnancy could only handle so much.  Around midnight I had to pass the bowl to My Beloved and went running down the hall myself.  Ugh!

She had such a sweet spirit through the whole thing.  I was blessed by our time together, even if I did keep falling asleep and had my own clothes added to the wash a couple times before the night was over.

Anyway, all this to say... we didn't get much sleep last night, and apparently it's not over.  I'm about to start another full load of laundry from a post lunch (we thought we were better) episode.

Poor girl!

Please pray with me she's the only one to get this and that we won't be passing it around through the Christmas weekend!



At December 20, 2011 at 2:52 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prayers are being offered :-(



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