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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Well... the water's on... but...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Well... the water's on... but...

Yeah... we got water back yesterday afternoon... but we have to boil it until further notice! (I believe I mentioned that here.) I was under the impression that we would hear something today about the tests they were going to run on the water this morning. Evidently not! :( So, boiling I go. The advisory said all water for brushing teeth, cooking and drinking needed to be boiled, but being pregnant and having a baby I feel as though dish washing should be done with boiled water too. This is a touch more inconvenient than my normal wash by hand routine... and it goes through a LOT of boiled water.

So... that being said I am trying not to use dishes when at all possible. I already had a bunch of them in my sink and on the counter when the water shut off. I finished the second batch of those dishes this morning. Only one more pan to go (and a couple little things I couldn't help but use today.) This makes me really not want to make dinner and mess up my mostly clean kitchen again. Thankfully (and sadly) our company had to cancel tonight (I was pretty sure we were ordering pizza and using paper towels as plates), so I don't have to worry about making all those dishes and re-destroying the kitchen that took me 2 days to recover. :) We'll see when DH gets home... maybe we can still order pizza... though the frugal thing would be to figure something out here and just make due. :) Doesn't pizza sound like lots more fun!?!

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