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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: No water!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

No water!

Just before DH applied shampoo to his hair this morning (i.e. hair was wet), the water stopped flowing! I can't tell you how thankful I was at that moment that I had disciplined myself to get up before DH and take my shower. :) It is now more than 4 hours later and still... no water. :(

Just a bit ago, the nice man in the water truck (one of those meter reader vans) stopped by to deliver a "Boil Water Advisory Notice". Very helpful... but... we don't have any water at all. "You don't?" He said a little unsure of the situation. That nice man called in and inquired of the situation. Apparently someone hit the water main (somewhere nearby) and they shut it down to do the repairs. The plan is to turn the water back on just as soon as all the notices are delivered (so as not to risk someone using the water without boiling).

Knowing this, I really should have encouraged him to move on and finish then... so we could all have our water back... but I had a couple more questions. He was so nice and patient with me (I really needed that). I wanted to know if I should boil the water for the pile of dishes on my counter and filling my sink, and if he knew how long I would need to go on doing this. I do feel like I have a grasp on the situation now... and hopefully we are going to have water again soon. How long we will have to boil it is another story... we're supposed to get another notice after they test the system tomorrow. :) I guess I will just keep water on the stove much of the day collecting usable water. That way I can keep enough cold for drinking. :)

The silver lining?... (there always is one) DH is going to bring me a Cali Cheese Steak Sub for lunch (since dishes are difficult right now.) :) Yum! Boy am I glad we're eating out with a friend tonight!

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