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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Girl Things!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Girl Things!

I got my first girl things this week. A wonderfully sweet lady brought a bag full of baby girl clothes of all sizes into the office where DH works. Many got to go through the clothes before I got there, but they had packed them up and sent a bag full home for me to go through. I picked out everything we could use and send a handful of really cute (though not the right size for season) clothes back with DH today. It was so fun to pick through them and picture them on her. :) Here are some pictures of the cute things I got!

This little green onsie with a skirt will be so cute in the hot summer months!

Won't this make her look like such a little girl in the fall when it fits. :) Thankfully we have warm Septembers. :)

Aren't these hats perfect! I love that they will tie under her chin. Great for fall weather... and mild winter days. :)

I just love this strawberry outfit! It's 0-3... I'll have to make sure she gets to wear it when it starts getting warm in May. :)

Thanks for enjoying my pictures with me! It is fun to collect girlie things... I just love the colors!

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