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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Being good... and getting rewarded!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Being good... and getting rewarded!

Ok... so maybe you've decided not to join me, but hopefully you are up for the play by play! Funny how the most temptation comes right after a decision, isn't it?!? Yeah... funny... that's the word!

So DS and I were leaving the doctors office (all is well by the way... only gained 3 pounds in 2 weeks ~ it's not 2, but it's not the five I was afraid of either) at 1pm... about an hour later than I would have expected, but we did a lot of waiting today. Long story short... pregnant lady was hungry... and Wendy's (in the same parking lot) was calling my name. Allow for me to clarify my plan for you all... I'm watching my sugar intake and generally trying not to eat tons of bad things all the time. I made the quick decision that a burger is completely acceptable... and doesn't it sound soooo good! Mmmm... and fries! As long as I have a reasonable amount of them (aka no supersizing) that should be fine! Ok... it's decided... I get in the line of cars at the drive through. There are 3 or 4 in front of me. It's not like it's noon or anything! Crazy!

Ok... so now to decide what I want... looking at the board of yumminess while the 3-4 cars take their time with ordering. Hmmm... a chicken sandwich... maybe that is healthier. Um... not if I get the yummy breaded chicken. Ok... a burger sounds better today anyway... which one??? If I get the littlest one I am sure to spend less right? Ok... the 1/4 pound burger... the #1... perfect. Now there are only 2 cars in front of me. And is... yes, DS has fallen asleep in the car (it was nap time after all!) Excellent... I hope he will go back down after we get home.

So... there I was... in line for my burger and fries. Oh... and a Frosty... NO... bad... no frosty! I will just get a soda... hmmm... sugar in a soda too (we avoid aspertaime)... this isn't working well! Ok... I'll just get water... but then I can't get a value meal... etc... etc...

You see how this was going. So now I am truly next... not only next, but the car in front of me is starting to move out of the way... I really am next! So what do I do??? I just pulled out of line and drove home. Yes... a small victory! I was still craving something yummy from a place that isn't home, but I did the grown up thing. And why??? Because I shared my resolve with all of you this morning! Thank you for your accountiblity!

I did drive home the whole way thinking about how I would need to eat out sometime soon to take my "craving" away. Mmmm... maybe sushi!

Well, isn't it great to have a loving God... and a loving husband! Not a full minute after arriving home and putting DS in bed the phone rang. DH was on his way home from a sushi lunch and wanted to make sure I was home so he could bring me some. I was a good girl, and I was rewarded with a few pieces of yummy sushi!

Praise God for all his blessings!

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At February 1, 2008 at 12:05 PM , Blogger Irene said...

I love hearing stories of how God leads you to make the right decision and has a reward all ready for you. He truly cares about EVERY aspect of our lives! Gaining self-control in the area of food and losing weight is something that I am convinced is one of the most difficult things to do; however, I am also convinced that because it is so hard, God is so present through the struggle, His strength to do the right thing is ALWAYS there...if only we yielded to His care and didn't seek after things that don't satisfy as much as the Lord and doing His best for us:)

At February 1, 2008 at 12:49 PM , Blogger Marva said...

Great job babychaser! God is so awesome.......even when we don't expect it.

At February 1, 2008 at 12:50 PM , Blogger Marva said...

Great job babychaser! God is so awesome.......even when we don't expect it.


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