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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: When the UPS man calls you by name

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

When the UPS man calls you by name

Running a business out of our home, we receive lots (and I do mean lots) of UPS deliveries. In the summer (our busy season), it isn't uncommon to see that poor guy drive up to our home several times a week! Over the three years that we've lived here, I've made it a practice to meet anyone who comes to our home out on our front porch! I feel that it makes a special welcome, and I don't deny our "service" visitors that special "hello". I meet the mail lady each morning (although fewer mornings these days) out at her truck as she drives by, and I greet each delivery with a "hello" and a "thank you!"

I am always glad to see the "regular" delivery guys. They've changed a number of times over the years, but I tend to have several guys that I get used to seeing. If I knew their names (I do wish they wore name tags) I guess you could say we were on a first name basis... but then, I guess we are!

This morning we received the delivery we were expecting. We were wrapping up lunch when the UPS truck pulled up, so I let DS play in his high chair for a minute while I stepped out to greet the driver and retrieve our package (special note: I could still see DS the whole time... the house is small). As he stepped out of his truck with our smallish box in hand (one of my favorite UPS guys by the way... very friendly), he greeted me... and he used my first name! He even pronounced it correctly (now that is a rare find!) We made small talk. He asked how the baby was doing. I mentioned that both babies were great. He looked surprised and said "I only remember one"... you see... we are a regular on his route... he knows us. I told him our little girl was born just a month ago (yeah... apparently I never really did look pregnant, another of my favorite UPS guys delivered something right before she was born and was shocked that I was pregnant at all... let alone about to deliver [and I'd seen him almost weekly for a while]).

Anyway, you get the picture... he knows me, he used my name! What a friendly exchange. I had to smile as I re-entered the house. Then the realization came... I was in jammies! Nothing bad, you understand, just flannel pants and a sweat shirt. I just hadn't taken the time to throw on my jeans yet. Oh, and I answer the door this way other times no problem. The mail lady probably thinks it's all I own (I've even run out to her in my robe). So what's the difference??? He used my name! We had an actual conversation! For some reason that left me embarrassed to go out in jammies! If only we were still on the evening route... then **maybe** I would have been dressed!... though, I'm still not, so who knows. :)

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At April 10, 2008 at 10:45 AM , Blogger Nikki said...

I try to meet everyone who comes to our house at the door, too, but for a different reason. We have two very friendly (but mean-looking!) dogs.

At April 10, 2008 at 3:27 PM , Blogger Marva said...

Too funny. I usually am in my sleepshirt until the morning nap time. I hate and reufse to answer the door while I am like this. I'm not very kind after being up all night......gotta work on that!



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