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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Some Baby Food Recipe Resources

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Some Baby Food Recipe Resources

Since a number of you have asked about baby food over the past couple months, I've decided to devote this weeks Kitchen Tip Tuesday to posting some baby food resources. I'm right in between baby food personally. My toddler is eating people food, and therefore eats the same as us, and my Sweet Pea is still nursing (and Lord willing will be several more months!)

I realize that by the time I'm ready to do my full blown series on making your own baby food, many of you will be ready for my toddler menus. :) Isn't that how life goes? So with that in mind I've decided to pull together some places for you to go for help! :)

  • Keeper of the Home (who has a beautifully re-designed site by the way) has a great article outlining the price comparison for making your own baby food as well as a quick how to!
  • Wholesome Baby Food is a great site that I found toward the end of my baby food making experience with Tornado. You can bet I'll be using the info and recipes there for Sweet Pea!
  • Homemade Baby Food Recipes is another site I found helpful!
There are tons of other resources available online if you just type "homemade baby food" into your Google search!

Hope this helps!

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