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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Glued

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Tornado's first head injury... after clean up

We've officially had our first "lac to the head" (as the ER front desk lady called it). And really, at 3 years old, I think that's pretty good! I would have expected to have more injury based trips to the hospital by this time. We are truly blessed.

Our church building was an old nursing home at one time... with the fire doors that swing closed automatically. The doors have those push bars that push down to open.

Ok... enter today. We were leaving church. Walking down the long hallway toward the entrance. Both kids were full of energy. I was having a harder time keeping them close (and not running through the church halls every which way) to me than other days. I decided to harness all that energy and focus it on leaving. "Do you want to run to the doors" I asked both kids as we started (understand... we'd been talking a bunch and there weren't many people left around). They took off down the hall.

One sweet lady (she and her husband are the greeters every week) started playing with Tornado when she saw him coming... blocking off the hallway. Just before he got to her, he veered right... right into the side edge of one of those door bars.

At first it just stunned him. I knew it would hurt though, so I was already on my way to comfort. Then I saw that it was bleeding. I always try to make it an adventure when there is an injury... especially with my boy. I want him to grow up tougher... and to think it's a cool battle scar in the end. Not to mention that I don't want him (my scardy boy anyway) to worry and be afraid of the injury. All this to say, I was making the blood out to be so cool. "You're bleeding!" I said with my most fun voice possible. (It helps that I really wasn't worried... head wounds bleed a lot more than anything else. It always looks worse than it is.)

It didn't bleed long at all... but it looked like a pretty good gash. Maybe a half in long, but gaped open some. Because of that we decided to take him to ER. If he didn't need stitches, I didn't want to be the one to make the call. Plus, I knew they would know better than I how to clean it and bandage it.

Long story short... he did a great job. There was really no wait (they took us right in because there was no one before us). He was a brave boy. It hurt, but he just laid there perfectly still (like he was afraid to move, but he said he wasn't afraid... just laying still) while she cleaned it out and squeezed the glue (durmabond) in and pinched it together.

And after it all, we had a 2:30 lunch at Panera Bread and returned home for the last half hour of nap time!

The end.



At March 29, 2010 at 8:08 AM , Blogger Nikki said...

We try to make falling down "fun," too. We say "uh oh" in a fun, excited way, and it's amazing how well that works.

I was told that Super glue was developed to be used in superficial cuts just like your son's. I cut my finger a few weeks ago and used Super glue. It worked great.

I don't recommend it for serious injuries, though!


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