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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Half Way

Monday, March 22, 2010

Half Way

I'm a bit over half way through this pregnancy and it's crazy to think of how much I really still have left. In some ways this last 15 weeks has moved by very quickly (since I didn't know I was expecting until around 5 weeks, I'm not counting that time). But in other ways, it seems to have moved very slowly. It seems like I've been pregnant forever... not in a bad way, but forever just the same. When I think about how long the last 15 weeks really feel, I can only image what the next 20 are going to be like.

I'm really not spending much time thinking about it though, despite what it may sound like here. I don't have time to think on such things, even if I wanted to. It's amazing how different the third baby is... at least the pregnancy part. Instead of having only myself to take care of (as in my first pregnancy), or having only a baby (as in my second), I have 2... and not babies either. I have a full fledged preschooler and a full fledged toddler running around. That means more dishes, more meal prep, more laundry, more reading, more character training... more everything! I love it all too (ok, not every minute every day, but the overall). It makes the days move along. It's kind of nice not concentrating on every minute of pregnancy. Even though I said it feels like I've been pregnant forever, I am grateful that all the busyness kept me from being able to dwell on the nausea and other ailments for very long.

And I'm making time for all the planning and prepping that needs to be done. Last week I sorted through all the old baby clothes (the small bin that remains). Knowing we are having a boy made it possible to do a thorough sort of all the baby girl things I just couldn't part with before. And having a friend who is expecting a little girl this month made it easier to let some of it go. As I moved those precious little girl things to the "out" pile, I was able to organize and see what we had for a little boy. It helped build my excitement as I remembered those baby boy things I just couldn't part with... ones that I'll be able to use again this time around. Many of which were my favorite.



At March 23, 2010 at 12:55 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, those sweet little sweat pants!! You have such an awesome perspective....what a lucky little boy you are carrying! Mom


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