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Monday, December 26, 2011

Suzy's Back...

{singing} Christmas is over... this goose is getting fat. {singing}

Um.  Ah.

Okay, so I hope that's all because of this babe growing within.  But no guarantee.  Sorry.

The Christmas is over part is true though.  Everyone sigh with me now.  Ahhhhh.

Anyone else feel the need to do that this year?  The sewing, crocheting, gift giving, singing a special, and sick kids in those days right before left me more unraveled than raveled.  At least it feels that way sometimes.  Don't get me wrong.  The celebrating and worship are wonderful.  But I'm glad we can be back to the daily celebrating. 

Still, in those days and weeks before as I sat crocheting, and crocheting, and crocheting (a lot of hats!) I had time for thinking, reflecting and praying.  Time for listening.  Time for talking with My Beloved (sometimes).  And a few things are moving in my heart.  Some are new.  Some aren't.  My heart is heavy.  My heart is stirred.  My heart is excited at the potential!  In large part for my own needs.  In large part for the needs of others.

My point?  I need to bring Suzy back!

Remember her? 

Last Spring I started a series called Suzy Homemaker meets Proverbs 31.  I had big plans... and then I sputtered a bit.  Took some time off (apparently).  Then I got limes.  Got pregnant.  And as you know the rest [of the year] is history!

But that doesn't mean I'm not still in dire need of working on this.  It doesn't mean I didn't completely backslide just about everything we already talked about.  Oh yeah.  Especially when I spent the month of June on my couch being cared for by other people only to start getting my energy back and loose it again to early pregnancy exhaustion and back to back vacations.  Yeah.

I did finally get my energy back in September sometime.  And I did start trying to pick up the pieces.  But still, I flail!

Oh, and I know I'm not the only one.  I know there's at least one of you out there who started with me who needs this as much as I do (Right?  I'm not alone in this right?)

Well, I'm working up some newly inspiring (hopefully) posts to help us pick ourselves up by our boot straps (eh, Mary Janes?)

Are you with me???  I spent some time tonight reading through last year's Suzy Meets P31 posts and now I'm ready to go... tomorrow even!  Won't you come with me???  Do you have some extra time this week between holidays??? I'd encourage you to read through some of them and jump back on the band wagon!



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