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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Our Fourth of July

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Our Fourth of July

Time gets away from me when we have visitors in our home.  Then Grammy left and we started another adventure the very next day.  All that to say, here we are, 8 days later and you're only just seeing pics from our 4th. 

None of the headless people pics turned out great.  Sorry.  Suffice it to say that among the kids outfits you would have found red white and blue, though not necessarily all on each child.  Still, if I'd thought to take a group picture, it was all there. 

The day truly revolved around food.  That seems a pretty normal holiday ritual.  Even though, as it usually is, it was just us.  Still I found some fun ideas to make the day special for the kids.  In all the reading we've been doing lately, there has been plenty of talk about the American flag.  Plus, Tornado has been recognizing it himself lately anyway.  So I worked it in where I could. 

 Found this idea here via pinterest.  She made it for breakfast and put cream cheese under the jam.  I called it lunch and put our "Sunny Butter" (sunflower butter since our Tornado is allergic to peanuts) under the jam.  The kids loved it and Tornado was delighted that it was a flag!

 Cute cute cute.  Their excitement made my day! :)

 I found this idea online too, though, I'm not sure where.  Sorry.  I could have made one more column of hot dogs (we ate that many in the end since a friend stopped by to help My Beloved with last minute firework details), but I didn't have a tray to put it on. 

Kids loved it too!

 In my head I had a fun picnic or nicely laid table pictured.  In the end the fireworks took up all but the little corner I cleared for Little Man to eat.  The kids thought it was funny to eat on this little "table".  My Beloved ate on the living room floor surrounded by fireworks he was attaching fuse to, and our friend stood at the end of the table.  My mom and I floated around.  Overall, I think the memories of the chaos in those last hurried minutes is more fun. :)

 And to finish the evening we headed to church where My Beloved put on a 50 minute kid friendly firework fountain show.  In retrospect, there were too many fireworks.  We learn how to make it better every year.

He did a great job with his helpers and everyone seemed to have a great time! :)

I hope your 4th was fabulous!

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