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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: An Easy Day

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

An Easy Day

Learning to say yes to messes.

I woke to baby stirrings.  Reached over the side of her bassinet and pulled her into my arms.  I nursed her for the first time in almost two weeks.  Fears and worries drained away as she latched on.  Suckled.   I sighed relief.  Silent praise.

Always asking to paint.
The alarm sounded and My Beloved moved from beneath covers to stop the sound.  Grabbed up clean clothes and moved toward the shower.  A door opened down the hall and little feet came walking toward my door and moved inside.  A messy headed boy climbed onto our bed.  We talked while sweet Belle nursed.  After a few minutes other littles were making their noises from the bedroom down the hall.  The toddler struggling with the door knob;  not able to open it himself. 

It was starting again.  A new day.  Yesterday, like so many recent days, was hard.  I determined then that today... today... I wanted it to be easy.

Last week I say yes to Father's Day cards.

Daddy leaves for work on time.  A group of littles wave from the front porch before we all head to the kitchen to scavenge for breakfast.  Almost 4 weeks since our last full shopping trip, we're running a little dry.  We buy farm fresh eggs and raw milk from a local store, so I open the carton and warm the pan.  Strawberries brought with a chicken dinner late last week bring smiles to little faces.  Applesauce fills bowls.  Eggs cook.

Caterpillars from our kit.

Behind me children do their thing.  I don't yell.  Water spills.  I bring a towel.  Little Man howls hunger and impatience.  I calmly correct.

Breakfast dishes gathered to sink, we move to the living room.  Kids ask for Candy Land.  Unhesitatingly, I say yes.  Their faces light up as I choose relationship over the easy way.  But isn't that just it?  Choosing to love on these sweet children by giving my time to them in relationship is a yoke I cannot, would not, choose to do on my own.  But in it, I took on the yoke that is easy, the burden that is light.

Another favorite I usually say no to.

Later we do some handwriting and math, Tornado and I.  Sweet Pea plays at the table.  Little Man "sits" with me and, for nearly 45 minutes, I patiently "guide" him through one tantrum after another, training him to sit nicely in my lap. 

The day passes.  Nursing.  Lunch.  Nap time. Play. Dinner.  Reading together.  Baths. Bed.

Little Man's first play-doh experience

No part of the day is perfect.  Training moments abound.  Correction too.  At day's end I'm tired, but not from a hard day.  I worked hard, but my day was easy... His burden is light!

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