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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: I met Ann... in real life!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I met Ann... in real life!

Friday night, my family and I hopped in the car and ventured over to our local Christian bookstore.

A seemingly normal thing for a Christian family to do.

But I had no plans to buy anything.

And I brought a book with me.

This Book!

It was a book signing.

You see, Thursday evening I was looking through a few of the blogs that feed in through there when I came across Ann's.  At the bottom was a little note that said "If you live anywhere near Lancaster, PA..."

Well, I thought, I sort of live close.  But not really close enough to do something about it.  Especially since I've been sick this week. 

Then I noticed the name of the bookstore she'd be at.  Huh, I thought... I didn't know there was a Servant's Heart bookstore in Lancaster.  I was curious, so I clicked through. 

As it turns out, there isn't.  Through a small mistake, she'd listed "Lancaster" (where they are staying), instead of Camp Hill (where the bookstore is).  I was so excited that I'd clicked through.  She was going to be close to me!!!

I mentioned to my husband, in a "been sick all week voice", that I'd really love to go.  He said we'd see, but I wasn't sure it would work out.

But it did.

And we went.

And she's just as sweet as I thought she'd be.  Taller than I thought she'd be!  And was thrilled that I brought my whole family.  Down to our tiniest.

Thanks Ann!  You encourage me all the time... it was a joy to talk with you in person.  Even if it was only for a minute!



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