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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Field Trip Friday

Friday, May 18, 2012

Field Trip Friday

This past Saturday, our family had an opportunity to go on a field trip to see fire fighters in action.  

A house owned by the organization My Beloved works for is scheduled for demolition, so they donated it to the local fire department to use for practice.  

Unfortunately, the aren't able to burn it down and actually fight the fire due to some legal issues and the location of the house, but there are plenty other things they can do.

We were running late, and I feared we'd be missing big things, but when we arrived, they looked like they'd hardly been there.  A group of about 6 fire fighters stood around talking.  This gave some time for the kids to look at the truck.  The boys especially liked it!

The first order of business was to get there with axes and open the walls and ceiling "looking for hot spots in the walls."  We didn't get to go inside with them, but My Beloved asked if he could come in and take pictures.  Since he's an EMT in the same township (and had his t-shirt on), I guess they didn't mind.  This way the kids and I could see what was happening inside.

This guy was showing the others how they can kick into the drywall to make a ladder.  Crazy! 

After the inside was sufficiently damaged, they got their smoke making machine out and filled the house with smoke.  What a great opportunity to show the kids what that looks like.

Then the guys suited up.  Apparently, these guys are certified to fight fires from outside.  Today they would practice the inside stuff.

They made dolls out of fire hose and hid them in the house for the trainees to find.

The kids and I talked about how they take air in with them because they can't breath in the smoke.

It was apparently very dark in there...

and very smoky!   The pictures don't do it justice.

My Beloved took the kids in part way to the kitchen so they could see what it was like in a smoke filled room.  They practiced crawling through it to get outside. Tornado kept trying to stand up and Sweet Pea really didn't like it.

As it turns out, she's woken up twice this week from nightmares.  When I ask her what's wrong, she tells me (in her half asleep voice) that she couldn't see in the smoke.  Ahem.  Who would have expected that to backfire on us???

Still, they have experienced it now.

Little Man, Belle and I stayed outside.

Then, the highlight, My Beloved asked if the kids could have a ride to the top of the hill and back.

Little Man, especially, was thought it was very cool!

This wasn't a public thing and we were the only ones there to watch.  The kids did a lot of running around and even climbed a tree in between having something to look at and watch.

Most people schedule a field trip to the fire house... this was so much better.  I think they are doing similar practices the rest of the month... maybe even using their fire hoses eventually.  Perhaps we'll return!

Did your family go anywhere fun this week???

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At May 19, 2012 at 11:25 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

How cool! What an amazing opportunity you all had. Even though it might have been a little scary, it is a teaching point on the reality of fire and that it is a real danger to be respected and not played with. I wish I could have seen those precious wide-eyed faces as they watched!

<3 Mom


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