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Mother's Day in the Early Years

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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Mother's Day in the Early Years

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day in the Early Years

Crime and punishment... doing a little clean up
Mother's Day with young children is only what you make of it.  Especially for the home school mom!

No one else is helping our children string pasta on a necklace for you to wear, or pressing their hand prints into plaster, or to draw handmade cards.  If we wanted a gift this year for Mother's Day, we had to help make it ourselves.

And did any of you get the day off from child training?  Discipline?  Bad attitudes?  I certainly didn't.

But I think that is a big part of what made my Mother's Day special.  I engaged my children.

If I viewed Mother's Day as being all about me, I would have had a rough day.  Instead, I took each behavior and attitude problem one at a time, set up practice opportunities, and worked with them.  Instead of waiting to be honored, I chose to truly mother them.  And in doing so, I truly enjoyed them.

I wonder what my days would be like if I treated each one the same way???

I hope your Mother's Day was as great as mine was!!

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