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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Belle's Birthstory ~ Part 1

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Belle's Birthstory ~ Part 1

39 weeks... the last picture of my pregnancy.
Contractions were beginning again.  Like the other night.  Like last week.  I didn't dare expect it to mean anything.  We were at church.  It was Sunday morning.  I felt... ichy.

The contractions came and went, some of them just more discomfort than anything.  I was definitely uncomfortable.  Still I didn't think labor.  Cramping... ichiness... yes.  But not necessarily labor. 

It was half way through the service, juggling three children, who weren't sitting still, by myself (while My Beloved ran the sound board) that I first really wondered if I could be in labor.  I didn't want to be there.  I wanted to cry.  To curl up and sleep.  "Hmm..." I thought, "That sounds a bit like labor."

Still the service continued.  At one point Little Man was laying backward and upside down on the seat beside me, but I wasn't going to fight it.  The contraction was too intense.  Once it stopped, I regrouped the kids.

All the time I tried to hide possible signs of labor from those around me who might notice.  If the contractions were simply going to stop again, I didn't want people expecting anything.

We made our way, slowly, to the car after the service, walking with friends who had a bag of unused newborn things for us.  My Beloved was so sweet to take the highway home, avoiding the many turns, curves and bumps of the "back" way we usually take.  Once home, I took up my place on the couch while that wonderful man of mine covered lunch and kids.

I folded some laundry and we began officially tracking contractions -- coming 3-5 minutes apart.  As the kids ate their lunch, My Beloved called the friends who would be taking care of our kids while we were at the hospital, letting them know it might be time.  Contractions had been coming 2-5 minutes apart for a least 45 minutes, not counting all during church.  I was glad he'd called.  They were out for lunch and said they'd wrap up and be over in 30 minutes.

When Tornado (5) finished his lunch, I had him join me in the kids room.  I sat on the bed and he gathered various things (clothes, shoes, jammies, special blankets, etc.) for me to pack up for them over night.  He loaded the washer with laundry too, and was simply overjoyed to be helping Mommy.  As I laid everything in the duffel bag, he told me "I'll close the zipper for you so you won't have to use your muscles."  He was very aware of my contractions.  It was precious!

In the living room, Daddy had placed the car seats, bringing out Tornado's new booster seat and resizing his old car seat for Little Man (19 months).  Little Man was still there... strapped in.  He didn't want to get out.

Daddy had called the doctor, and he now called us back, giving the go ahead to come to the Birthplace.

Our friends arrived with their kids, having packed up the remains of their lunch.  I sat down with B to explain the few things I thought would be helpful... disposable diapers, putting Little Man on the potty, Tornado's inhaler, bedtime routines, etc.  They would need to get the extra seat of their van for everyone to fit, so we left them all at our house to sort out the details and we headed to the hospital... the back way.  Oops.  Weren't even thinking about it.  Gratefully, not many contractions came during the curvy places.  This had me wondering... was it really labor after all?

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At May 1, 2012 at 9:49 PM , Blogger Kristin said...

I forgot that this said Part 1. Oh, what a tease!


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