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An Amazing Memorial Weekend!

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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: An Amazing Memorial Weekend!

Friday, June 1, 2012

An Amazing Memorial Weekend!

Now a family of six, I officially think of our family as being a "large family."  Okay... maybe not as large as some fabulous large families I am delighted to know about, but I think four kids is the beginning of large.  A normal 5 seat car is too small.  We don't have room around our table for guests without extra chairs.  A bunk bed, trundle and a crib in one room.  Larger than small is all I'm saying. 

This past weekend, we were delighted to be expecting company.  Long time friends (I shared a bit about them here) were coming through and would be here Sunday evening and leaving before lunch Monday.  I was thrilled that we'd talked them into putting up their tent trailer in our driveway to give us the extra time together after kids were in bed, but by Saturday I was already sad they were leaving Monday.  They hadn't even arrived! 

E and J and their four sweet children arrived just before 4 on Sunday afternoon.  Earlier than we expected... yey!  My bathroom wasn't cleaned and I was right in the middle of Lemon Meringue Pie (the part where you can't walk away) when they arrived.  I got hugs on their way to that uncleaned bathroom.  Sigh.  But they were here.  And somehow, all the cleaning that was so important to me didn't matter anymore.  (I was much happier to have pie to serve them than a spotless house anyway!)

Have I ever mentioned that our house is 720 square feet?  No?  It is. 

Twelve people in 720 square feet. 

Now... they slept in their tent trailer.  That helped.  But our one bathroom was shared by all!  Thankfully the weather was good and the kids spent a lot of time out back in the creek.

What a delightful time.  I made dinner and pies for 11 eaters (Belle doesn't count at the table), then a pancake breakfast the next morning.  It was a lot of work, but so worth it to bless them with real food after a couple weeks of camping across the US and Canada.  J blessed me back by doing all those breakfast dishes!! 

From the first moments they arrived, our time was being put to maximum potential.  With less than 24 hours to spend together, we had to make the most of each moment, and I believe we did. 

Their oldest, K, is 10.  I was there when she was born.  She was a flower girl in my wedding.  All the time in between she was as much "my" girl as any other little one could have been.  I loved her dearly and miss her as much as her mommy.  When she came in and learned I was making Lemon Meringue Pie, she came right over and said how much fun it is to make meringue.  I offered to let her help and she jumped right on it.  And did better than I usually do, to tell you the truth! 

Between the cooking and baby care the entire time they were with us, K was right there helping me.  We talked about what we were doing as well as other things.  I feel like I got to know a small part of who she has become in the 5 years since we've seen these friends.  And I hope she got to know me better than the only memories she had as a 5 year old an before. 

After the kids were in bed, the adults talked and played.  Settlers of Catan was and is usually the game of choice, and Sunday night was no different.  I may have almost won, but I wasn't completely in that game.  I just enjoyed the talking.  Child training.  Multiple stories.  Jobs.  You name it... we talked and talked. 

It was after 1 when we said good night and they headed out to their trailer to sleep.  But we'd covered so much ground!  It was wonderful!!

So, to you, my special Oregonian friends... thanks for blessing us with your time last weekend!!!  It was time I'll never forget and will forever appreciate!!



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