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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Tired

Thursday, June 7, 2012


The corner in my kitchen...before.
We'd been "burning the candle at both ends", as they say, for most of the week. 

Of course, most mornings are early ones for me... not counting the middle of the night feedings that we usually have as well.  In addition, My Beloved was working hard to finish a couple projects he'd begun already. 

The base of the new bench, holding my wheat, oats and pinto beans.
We'd decided it would be nice to have more seating at the table.  And if that seating could also provide some storage... all the better. 

He'd already started the project, working evenings, when they could, till late with a friend and all his tools in their garage about 15 minutes from here.  Then all of a sudden, it was less than a week until we'd be feeding 11 at that table.  Oh how nice it would be if it were done! 

Such a pretty homemade bench!
So he pushed for it.  Thus driving us up late at night a number of times.  I was still giving a late night feeding myself, so we were up til midnight or later a number of days in a row.  Then, for me, up again before 6. 

The corner of my kitchen now... clearance cabinet, homemade top.  Dehydrator and canner hidden inside!

Then the weekend with friends was so fun!  I cooked and cooked and cooked some more.  I was on my feet a lot! 

So it was no wonder, Tuesday morning, when I woke up exhausted, my legs sore.  I was so tired that I changed the diapers that needed changing, fed the baby and told the kids to stay in their room.  I went back to bed. 

A couple hours later I was a little better, but still tired... and my head ached.  My legs cramped down hard as I realized how out of shape I was to suffer so after a day and a half of being in the kitchen so much.  I really slept that afternoon with Sweet Pea and Belle in our bedroom while the boys napped in theirs.  It was almost 5 (an hour later than normal) when I woke up to kid noises.  Little Man had slept long too, allowing me to do so.  By the time Belle was nursed and Little Man changed it was 5:15 and I had yet to think about dinner.  My Beloved called  five minute later.  When I told him about dinner, he said he didn't think I had.  Chic-fil-a and their kids eat free Tuesdays to the rescue. 

Wednesday morning was similar.  My legs still ached... and my head too.  And I was so tired!  Ugh.  I hadn't slept well in the night.  I'd woken in the middle and taken something for my headache.  The rest of the night I lay on sweaty sheets.  I didn't realize I'd had a fever, but I must have.  Little sleep and so much activity and my immune system had suffered.  My Beloved worked from home that morning to help me out.  He did dishes and helped catch up with laundry.  I was pretty much good for nothing.  ALL. DAY.

Thursday wasn't much different, except that My Beloved went to work.  He mentioned to just the right people that I'd been sick and our sweet friends called that afternoon to offer dinner.  Yes please, I said, willing to accept whatever help would come!  What a blessing!!! 

I woke around 3 am the next morning, desperately needing the bathroom, but it was so cold I didn't want to get up.  I lay there cozy under my blankets what seemed like a long time before finally getting out of bed.  First I would go to the bathroom, then out to the kitchen for ibuprofen or Tylenol or something for my head.  As I was coming back down the hall, though, I heard My Beloved in the kitchen.  Before I could even ask what he'd been doing, he handed me something and told me I had a fever.  My body was hot laying beside him in bed.  I swallowed them down and proceeded to sleep the rest of the morning fitfully, laying in wet sheets again!

The only other little detail I've yet to mention is the rash I found early in the week on my toe, and the other we'd been watching on my leg.  With all the symptoms we'd noted, plus the sore neck that started Friday, it was starting to look too much like Lyme Disease again, so with orders in hand, we headed for the lab at lunchtime Friday for a Lyme Test.  Then to the pharmacy for a starter course of antibiotics.

Tuesday, this week, the results were in. 


I have Lyme Disease again.  Almost exactly one year after my first infection.

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At June 7, 2012 at 11:10 PM , Blogger Kristin said...

Praying for you! I wish I could bring my crew over to play with your kids...and give you some help!

I'm unclear on something, though. When my sister had Lyme's, they told her that the antibodies would always be in her blood now and that future blood tests would be useless because there would be no way to tell whether it was another case or evidence of the old. Is this a new kind of test?

At June 9, 2012 at 11:56 AM , Blogger ~Babychaser~ said...

Thanks Kristin!

About the testing... I have a limited understanding of how it all works, but the way I understand it is this. I *think* they ran a test called the "Western Blot Test". I could be wrong about this, or have the name wrong. My brain is in a constant fog these days because of the Lyme. If I understand right, the way it works is to count the number of active bacteria, not antibodies. So... if this is all true, it would only come back positive if there were an active infection.

I guess the problem with this test, then, is that if you have Lyme in the inactive (hibernating?) state, it would be negative, even though you do have it in your system. I also hear this has a tendency to come back false negative.

Hope this helps... unless my understanding is wrong all together. Anyone know more about this?


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