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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Fresh Fruit

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fresh Fruit

I have recently been struggling to get my 7+ month old DS to eat. All the things he used to love were being rejected, though not every time. I was at the end... no idea what to do. Then a friend (3 kids ahead of me) mentioned that he may be bored. Not from flavor (because we have lots of different flavors) but from texture. I have been making almost all of his baby food since starting solids, and it is all the pureed concistency. Yum... right? Not so much.

I had purchased one of those food mesh bag thingies to put fruit in so he wouldn't choke, but we hadn't tried it yet. So for fun a few days ago I put a slice of nectarine in it instead of trying pureed and he loved it. I also started introducing small pieces of bread (which I monitor) and he loves that too. Now when I do feed him mushed up things (broccoli, sweet potatoes, etc.) he is more than happy about it. Amazing what mixing it up a bit can do for a baby!

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