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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: This Week at Giant!

Friday, November 2, 2007

This Week at Giant!

Last night we did this weeks grocery shopping. In theory, we do this Monday nights, but since we are starting this (strive for) $35/week grocery budget reletively new, and Octobers (higher) budget was gone, we decided to wait for November 1st. Now, we don't usually get sugary cereals (even though I love them), but they were the ones on sale (see below), so we went with it. :)

Here's what we got (I'll try to work with formating in the next few weeks, I'm trying to figure the best way):
Mott’s Applesauce ~ 46 oz Natural (not on sale, but cheaper than the brand that was on sale and DS 11mo. usually has this for breakfast with oatmeal)

5 boxes General Mills Cereal (on sale 5/$10, and prints out $5 off next order when buy 5) ~ Original Price $12.85

2 Boxes Post Cereal (on sale 2/$4 ~ plus I had a coupon $1/2) Original Price $5.18

3 Hallmark Cards ~ 2 birthdays and a just because (Had a coupon giving gas rewards to save us $.20 per gallon on our next fill up when you spend $8 on cards, and a coupon for $2/3 ~ and on sale) Original Price $8.98

8 Navel Oranges (on sale 4/$2) Original Price $7.92

Bananas (on sale for $.42 a lb.) Original Price $1.25

Tomatoes (on sale for $2.49 a lb.) Original Price for .51 lb. $1.78

5 lb. Potatoes (BOGO with 3 lbs. Onions)

3 lb. Onions (BOGO with 5 lbs. Potatoes) Original Price $2.99

1 lb. Carrots (not on sale)

Bagged Salad (on sale 2/$5 ~ bought one bag) Original Price $3.49

Strawberries ~ DH requested to go with cool whip we recently thawed (on sale for $2.99 each) Original Price $3.99

2 Gallons FF Milk (not on sale)

Coupon ~ $.75 off next order from Gerber

Coupon ~ $1 off next order from Dole

Coupon ~ $1 off order of $5 or more

Coupon ~ $3 off order of $50 or more

Total before Savings = $61.57
Total after Savings = OOP $38.78
Total Savings = $23.27 (plus $.20 off per gallon next gas fill up!)

We did go over the $35 (especially considering the $5 we spent at CVS the other day), but we are still getting used to all this couponing and such! :) And... we save on gas, and they printed out that $5 off your next order coupon from the cereal. :) So fun! I can't wait till Monday (or whatever day we get around to it) to come again! Who knew spending money could be this much fun!

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