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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: No place to be

Monday, October 18, 2010

No place to be

Saturday filled up quickly, like so many days of recent. A photo session in the morning. Our mail lady's daughter is a senior. We had no sitter and were "begged" to bring the kids. We were expecting 47 degrees at starting time with 19 mile an hour winds. Coats for all of us... just in case it never warmed up.

I was awake at 6, out of bed closer to 6:30. Barely any breakfast for any of us, except Little Man, and none for My Beloved, we were out the door, late, for our 8am shoot. Then pictures were done.

By 10:30 we were on the way home. Little Man needed to eat again, quickly. Kids pottied. Out the door again around 11:30. Off to Bigglerville to pick up apples... a lot of apples. It's an hour away and we needed to be there before 1. We decided to wait for lunch until the return trip since the kids are slow and we didn't really want "fast food" (chicken nuggets being the easiest, though undesirable, "car" food.)

At 12:30 we picked up 7 bushels of apples (5 of which are ours). From there, lunch would be the priority. We'd seen signs for a fun store we thought had a restaurant. And it was nearby. Turns out we were wrong, but we didn't know that until after driving the crazy route and feeding Little Man in the parking lot.

1:30 now. Kids have pottied and we asked about a restaurant. None here. No worries. My Beloved shopped some and I took the kids outside for a chance to run around.

I sat on a bench with Little Man, watching the kids play in the large grassy area. I sat thinking, realizing that I was nervous about the time. We really needed to get back. Or did we? All of a sudden it occurred to me that we didn't need to be anywhere. We were all there... together. The ones to decide our schedule were us. Sure, there would be a party to be at later in the evening, but even that was optional.

There was no reason to worry. No reason to hurry. No place we needed to be. So unlike our lives these days.

I relaxed a little. Watched the kids run and play. When we left, I enjoyed the drive through historic, then downtown Gettysburg on the way back to the freeway. If we'd wanted to, we could have gotten out and meandered by and through shops. We decided not to. We'd head home for a short time so I could feed the baby before we left for the party. We ended up at Burger King after all (a decision we'd be sorry for later)... so we could stay in the car. But the decision was ours.

holy experience

Thanking God for...

11. weekends

12. slowing down

13. no where to be

14. family

15. children

16. parties & hayrides & fellowship

17. time and energy to work on a quilt at the end of the day

18. a husband willing to slice and dehydrate the first batch of apples!

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At October 18, 2010 at 5:42 PM , Blogger said...

Good insight. :)



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