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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Vacation Chronicals... part 3

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vacation Chronicals... part 3

With breakfast done, lunch packed and memory card purchased, we were on our way to the first stop on histories time line... Jamestown Settlement!

The saga does continue though and after watching a little video, and looking through the indoor museums, we headed back toward the parking lot for lunch. Jamestown is "settled" right on the water (makes sense, right?) and there were so many gnats everywhere. It was very annoying, but at some point during her sunny butter and jelly sandwich, Sweet Pea just snapped. She couldn't take the gnats flying in her face, crawling in her hair, or landing on her sandwich any. more. Major melt down! We tried to explain that they couldn't hurt her, don't bite, and will be gone if she could just eat fast. No go! Poor thing.

That behind us, we made our way back through the building and down the walking trail to the Indian Village.

We had so much fun! I love the Indian area. (Read: the homesteader in me likes to learn all I can take home!) We learned how to find natural fibers from plants around us and use it to make rope.

We walked in and around the homes.

Scraped hair off the deer hides.

Learned how the make those hides into clothing.

I even got some great recipes that I'll totally be trying out! (I'm so not kidding about the trying out... you can be the judge of the "great" part!)

One of the highlight/most looked forward to parts of Jamestown Settlement was this little thing. The kids remembered it from last time (read: the pictures of next time most likely) and were talking about it the whole week before.

They crushed corn at every home we stopped by. (There were 4-5 of them!) It was a big hit. My Beloved got over the "need a pic of every one" pretty quickly, so while they were doing it, we were looking around in the homes. Not far... but certainly not watching. Again. Perhaps I'll re-think that next time.

Before we knew it, Sweet Pea was screaming and Tornado was saying something like how it wasn't his fault... which told us that, of course, it was.

Long story short... Tornado was crushing and Sweet Pea wanted to pick some of it up. At the same time. Sweet Pea's little hand was underneath one of Tornado's down crunches.

Skin was broken on both sides of her pointer finger and we looked a long time to try to see if it was broken. My Beloved usually has his full EMT kit in the car, but for vacation (since I required a couple pieces of "for mommies convenience" baby gear), he put together a smaller pack... without the ice packs!

Once we established the story of what really happened, made sure she didn't need a hospital, and gave the "it's your responsibility to be paying attention" to my 4 year old, I walked over to one of the dressed up "Indian" ladies. Turns out, they keep some first aid stuff under the beds in the Indian homes. How funny it looked to see her pull a plastic tub of medical supplies out from under those animal skins!

Never a dull moment on one of our vacations!

More to come...

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