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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Homestead Blessings: The Art of Cooking

Friday, December 30, 2011

Homestead Blessings: The Art of Cooking

This video series has been high on my list of things to own and watch for a long while.  I was just afraid of whether or not they would actually be worth it, so I keep putting off spending the money.  But this year for Christmas two of them appeared "under the tree".


The first one I viewed was The Art of Cooking.  I have to admit that, I was a little afraid it would be a silly waste of money.  Is it really going to be worth it?  I already know the basics of cooking (not that I'm good at it)... and my daughter isn't old enough to get anything out of it yet.  But I watched... wondering if the Candle Making or Crafting or, even Gardening, videos would have been a better first pick.  But I watched.  I figured that if I like the basics premise of how they teach and the "southern charm" everyone keeps talking about, then I could just go ahead and get the rest I don't have.

But let me tell you... I am a visual learner!  I get so lost in reading recipes and hearing how people do things.  These ladies walked me through several recipes for each meal of the day.  And they all look so good.  Best of all, they made it look so simple.  Now, of course, I know they did some time lapse stuff, skipping the longer parts of sifting, etc.  But still, it has encouraged me that I can get in that kitchen and do some nice things for my family!

My favorite part???  They use many of the ingredients we've started using in our own kitchen... fresh ground whole wheat flour (though they use unbleached white sometimes too), coconut oil... and of course the cast iron pans!  I wondered how much of what they taught would really be transferable, but in reality... from homemade salad dressing (which I actually feel brave enough to try now), to apples and onions (a recipes I first read about in the Little House Books), to a new pancake recipe I may just have to try (and many more), EVERYTHING should transfer quite nicely into our home!

I look forward to watching these again and again... and to interjecting what I learn from them into my own kitchen... my own opportunities to bless my sweet family with home cooked meals!

(I'm sure my husband just got excited that I got this video first!!)  :)

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