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2012 "Homesteading" Goals... In the house

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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: 2012 "Homesteading" Goals... In the house

Monday, January 30, 2012

2012 "Homesteading" Goals... In the house

From one of those meals I actually cooked at home!
Ok... so these could be considered good, old fashioned, homemaking goals.  Or goals for the keeper at home.  Or any other name you want to give it.  These goals would be goals if we weren't on a path to become "homesteaders" one day.  But to keep everything symmetrical, and since a "homestead" contains both an outside and an inside, I'm keeping it my "Homesteading" Goals.  And since tomorrow is the last day of January and we will officially be in the second month of the new year (and thus, the year really won't be new anymore), I figure I should get these goals posted, let alone written!

In the sidebar you'll see my list of goals before baby comes (just over 6 weeks now!).  That list may or may not grow longer as I think of things and will hopefully show my progress as time passes (though my new sewing machine is having a problem so I won't be sewing tonight... hopefully that will be fixed soon so I can continue to work on those projects!  'Cause I was really starting to feel like I was making headway.)  All this to say... I won't mention "before baby" specific goals in this post.  Anymore.  Sorry.  

So what are my homemaking goals for this year?  To be honest, they are vast.  And they range from all sorts of topics like cleaning to mothering to personal to whatever else my life touches in the day to day.  Because, really, doesn't it all play into our homes?  So I guarantee that not every one of my goals will be listed here.  In some cases I'll generalize (you'll appreciate me for that)... in others, maybe not so much.

One more thing... since we are adding baby number four (5 and under) in approximately 6 weeks and I know I will see some set backs as we adjust to being a family of 6 in 700 square feet, I'm establishing the goal "date" as being by the end of the year.  Hopefully in most cases I'll see these goals met way earlier than that, but since these are goals for 2012, I'm allowing myself all year to see victory without having "missed the mark" on any one of them. :)

Here we go:
  • To establish a house cleaning routine I can follow... and to actually follow it faithfully!  (i.e. to have a clean home... to my husband's standards, not mine!)
  • To plan and actually prepare meals (i.e. to eat at least 20 out of 21 meals a week at home... without getting take out)
  • To have a meek and quiet spirit (a life long quest to be sure... but I'd love to see actual progress this year!)
  • To stop yelling!
  • To live life "on purpose" (home, marriage, children... all of it!)
  • To seek to tie heart strings between me and my children.  
  • To do more sewing for my home and family.

So there you have it.  I'm sure there are more... and I'm sure there are little steps to each of these big goals.  But now you can see a bit of my heart... and I've taken the time to put it down for my own review down the road!

Ultimately I wanted to list a single goal for this post...
  1. To find, buy, and move to a new home.
But since I have no control over that at. all.  We'll stick with the ones I listed above.  What are your goals for your home this year?  

Joining in here.
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At February 3, 2012 at 1:40 PM , Blogger Kelly said...

I tend to think in broad categories and thus make my goals within those categories, but as you've shown here some of them overlap. I have a written list of projects that need to be accomplished inside the house (not counting the everyday cleaning and meal prep) and want to do the same thing for outside. Then-to mark off at least 3 per week. I'm hoping thought that once I get started the momentum will carry me forward and I'll get more done than that.


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