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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: 8 weeks

Thursday, January 19, 2012

8 weeks

My fav pic from my first pregnancy... don't really have any yet of this one.  I guess I should work on that.

Wow... every week seems to pass faster and faster!  I have to say, this pregnancy has flown by!  At least from where I sit now.   Just yesterday I was telling My Beloved that there are only 9 weeks to go and I have so much I still want to accomplish before baby gets here.  Oh wait... no, yesterday I was telling him there are only 8 weeks to go and I still have so much I want to accomplish!

It makes me a little nervous sometimes.  I admit!

I was mentioning a few of those things I'd like to get done to a real life friend in an email just now and I kept coming up with things.  Finally I just stopped, though I know there are more.

Let's see... what were those?

  • meals in the freezer
  • numerous sewing projects (since I may not get around to sewing again for a while)
  • finishing the de-clutter/home organization I've been working on
  • assembling the bassinet (this one can be done while I'm in the hospital if need be)
  • organizing baby clothes
  • determining what baby clothes and such we still need before she's here
  • figuring out a new dresser/kid clothes storage solution (4 kids in one room, one dresser with 5 working drawers)
Like I said... I know there are more.  And the "numerous sewing projects" is hardly fair.  To be fair and realistic, I should at least list out generalities.

Oh... and have I mentioned that Sweet Pea's birthday is the week before I'm due?  Arrangements and such need to be made for that for sure... and early too, just in case baby is early!

Then there is the room that needs to be made in the freezer so there is room for said meals to be put into.  You know, things like the cherry pie filling that needs to be made with all those sour cherries we just stuck in the freezer for later... and the berries in there waiting to be made into jam.  Maybe we can tackle some of that canning stuff this weekend so I can work on cooking next week.  :)

I'm feeling the need to keep an up to date list in my sidebar!  I'll see if I can work on that here sometime too.

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At January 19, 2012 at 10:19 PM , Blogger Kristin said...

We had 4 kids in one room for about 8 months until we moved. (Alaine's bed was in our room.) It was a challenge, but it was doable. We did have 8 small-ish dresser drawers, but we also used open bins to store things like socks and underwear. My husband also thought we could hang a lot of things in the closet since that takes up less space, but I thought that created extra work for me (since the kids couldn't put away their own laundry that way).


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