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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Add more water to the soup... company's coming!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Add more water to the soup... company's coming!

Ok, so I don't know if soup's even on the menu (though that is a great way to stretch a meal if you do find out about last minute company), but we found out yesterday that we may have the joy of adding several more guests to our Christmas season over the next couple weeks!

We have known for several months that we would have the joy of my mom's company for her entire 2 week Christmas break! This was a very exciting announcement as she lives all the way across the country in Oregon and has only gotten to see the baby a few times since his birth last December! Add to her my sister, who is living and in Graduate School in the DC/Virginia area, off and on as she can around her work schedule! We are hoping to have her here most of the actual Christmas Eve/Christmas days!

New to the roster... My father in law may be able to come, either this weekend or next weekend (keep in mind that my mom gets here next Friday). We are very excited about this and really hope he can make it. We knew it might be a possibility for him to come... and now my mom is hoping he will be here at the same time she is... she loves opportunity to see my inlaws! :)

After all that, we got a call from my husband's brother last night informing him that he and his wife (who is expecting) are hoping to come for Christmas! They will stay in a guest house nearby most likely, but would spend most of their days with us!

Wow... so much with so little prep time! Thankfully I've been working on the house! And thankfully, because we've been saving so much on our grocery budget as of late (we haven't changed our official budget of $300+ per month yet, though we still spend closer to $40 a week) we do have the extra in that budget to feed more people last minute!

Still... crazy! I'm looking forward to having this opportunity to be hostess to so many! :) If any of you have suggestions of how we can pamper our guests in a fun yet frugal way... I'm all ears! One thing is for sure... I need stocking stuffers for 2 more! :)

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