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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Just Us Again!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Just Us Again!

I've got to tell you, though it is wonderful to have my mom here, and great to have as much family in town for Christmas as is possible, it is great to just be us! (That said, it will be nice to have my mom back this weekend too.) There is just something wonderful about being alone with your husband in your own home! No matter how much you love your company, cuddling down with just the man God gifted to you is the best Christmas gift ever! Mom will be back this weekend after a few days in Virginia with my sister, but in the mean time, life for us is back to normal. We will do a quicky grocery shopping trip (desperately need milk!) tonight and maybe plug in a movie. Ah... the life I am privileged to life with my dear husband!

Our Christmas was fun! What special treats we had. DH found me some bracelets and a couple necklaces... which I love! He was feeling like he shouldn't get me jewelry since he did last year, but I have been on a quest to become and accessory person these past few years, so I told him that I would love jewelry. I'm not a fine jewelry person you understand... I don't need diamonds or the like. I want fun things to accessorize my outfits. :) This get ready as fast as you can mom wants easy ways to look stylish when she wants to. :)

DS got tons of fun gifts! Our favorites were all the ones made by Leap Frog! What opportunities for him to learn while having fun! I do think that I am going to move some of them into his room though (for those times when I am cleaning/organizing in there). There is so much "stuff" out here in our little living room that something needs to be done!

Well... there is much to be done (especially since my little boy isn't up yet ~ and it's almost 10 am!) I'd better take advantage of the time. I just hope this doesn't mean he is loosing the fight against whatever bug he seems to be fighting these past couple days. :(

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