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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Company... first installment!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Company... first installment!

My father in law will be here this afternoon and is staying until Tuesday morning! What a fun treat! Living far from family I am always blessed and excited when someone travels to see and play with our little boy! :) I know they want to see us too, but I get most excited for DS to get to know his grandparents etc! Unfortunately my mother in law has difficulty traveling because of her back and won't be joining him this time!

DH and I are blessed to get along well with each other's parents! I know in large part it is because we each know we are accepted unconditionally by all! My parents love DH and DH's parents love me! It is no secret. In addition to being loved, none of them try to tell us how to live, nor do they put expectations on us based on their own opinions. They offer advice and help when we ask, and love us through whatever!

For any of you reading this with children in laws of your own... take note! Not all of the strain on "in-law" relationships is up to you, but you can make them so much smoother by just loving and accepting that person your child has married! Love them as God does... whether they deserve it or not! :)



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