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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: 1 Pre-Baby Thing Crossed Off My List

Thursday, January 17, 2008

1 Pre-Baby Thing Crossed Off My List

Well... it would be if it were on an actually list anyway. Maybe I should make a list (with this thing on top of course), then I could cross it off! :) But then I'd be adding clutter to my home with a list that floats about and doesn't live anywhere specific. Hmmm...


  • Deep Clean/Vacuum under our bed
  • Lots of other things

That's much better... who knows, maybe I'll keep adding to this list as I get things done pre-baby. :)

So, yes, that's right, I did the deep clean under our bed! That means I took everything out from under our bed (some things live there on purpose), moved the bed (it took some doing), threw away all little trash things, vacuumed, organized all the cords, power strips, etc that live under there (it's so nice now), and put the bed back. Whew! I'm tired!

Sorry there are no pictures... I never think to take pictures of these sorts of things until after... and there is no way I'm moving that bed again today! Unless it's to move the covers for a nap! :)

It does feel nice to have it done though... especially since it's something DH has wanted done for a while! Sadly, I think it's the only time I've really done it since we bought that bed (the day we got here from our honeymoon!... 3 years ago (maybe today). So I guess in another 3 years I'll have to do it again... just kidding! :) I can't even imagine we would still be living here in another 3 years... but then I didn't expect to be living here still now either... so I guess you never know!

Thanks for sharing my moment of accomplishment... sharing it with you all is my reward! And maybe something sweet... hmm... Off to find something sweet!

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