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When your Toddler Won’t Eat Anything ~ Part 8

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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: When your Toddler Won’t Eat Anything ~ Part 8

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

When your Toddler Won’t Eat Anything ~ Part 8

We are talking about basic strategies for encouraging your toddler to eat healthy. You can read the first strategies and source information here before continuing.
8. Grow it together!

We’ve been through a lot these last couple weeks as we’ve been focusing on strategies to help your toddler to eat. This last strategy takes your hands on approach to the next level… I should say “grows” your hands on approach to the next level! I think you will find that when your little ones have a part in growing the food themselves, they will be much more likely to try it. Your really young ones won’t yet be ready for this, but when your toddler nears the 2 year mark (though I’m planning to garden with my DS this summer at about 18 months), he will be fascinated by helping things grow. Now I’m no gardener (in fact, everything DH and I have tried to grow in the 3 years since we married has died… or worse, never come up out of the ground!), but we will be taking the plunge into a potted garden this year to help with some of our produce!

So what do you do when planting a garden isn’t practical? Find books or pictures that explain the process and teach your little ones how that big ugly squash started as a tiny seed, became a plant with a flower and then grew into the squash. Even in the winter you can try to grow herbs inside. At the very least, take your little ones to the grocery store with you and let them help choose and shop for the foods they will eat. When you get home, help them help you to prepare the foods!

Being a part of the process will perk your little ones interest in a new or otherwise “scary” food.

Well, that's it... the end of our "Strategies" series! Do you have any other kitchen tips for getting your toddlers to eat? We'd all love to hear them! Us moms and dads need to stick together on this eating thing! Leave a comment with the "tricks" you've gotten to work with your kids!

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