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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Baby Gifts

We have been honored and blessed to receive a number of little gifts with the birth of our little girl. Just this morning a package arrived in the mail from an aunt (mine not hers). Inside was a little baby figurine (one of those that is part of the series that grows up each year) and a stuffed animal. A familiar scene played itself out. I have found that each stuffed toy that has entered our home this past week has been instantly claimed by my little boy. It seems that 15 month olds love stuffed animals of all kinds... even today's pink and white puppy dog.

I have to tell you, it's so cute! He walks around with whatever animal he has (last night it was the teddy bear that is more than half the size of him) tucked under an arm or hugged against his body. Then sometimes he will lay down on the floor (linoleum or carpet, doesn't seem to matter) and suck his fingers (something he only does at bedtime). It's really cute. Right now he is sitting in his little toy basket (the one that holds his toys when he doesn't dump them all out) holding "his" new dog and looking at it's tag.

Isn't it fun to watch a toddler's personality emerge!?!

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