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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Weekend 2, Day 1

Friday, April 18, 2008

Weekend 2, Day 1

Yep, My Beloved is gone again. He left later this week, but the morning was still crazy. I had my 6 week post partum appointment today (yes, my sweet little girl is 6 weeks old today!). It was this morning at 9:30 and it also marked my first outing with both children... alone! My Beloved had to be at the car rental place to get the car at 9, so we all scurried to get ready together and I dropped him off on our way to the doctors. We were late... but who's surprised??? Even I was a few minutes late to my appointment. DS rode in the stroller and I carried DD in the car seat carrier (they are different brands, so this is the only way it worked).

The appointment went well... nothing special to note (oh... except that I've lost 2 pounds in the last 5 1/2 weeks! It could have been more except that I haven't really been watching what I've been eating).

After my appointment there were tons of little things to do to finish getting MB ready to leave town (he gets the rental, then goes into the office for a few hours). In addition to that, DD needed to nurse and DS needed a lunch of his own. I was really dragging too... no energy! I thought I got more sleep than that, but I pushed through. Finally DS was down and DD was fed and happy. I tried to scurry about gathering and packing and cooking etc. I got everything done, but it wasn't at a scurry!

At 1, MB got home to gather his things and pick up his nice warm grilled cheese sandwich for the road. He asked if I packed his phone charger, but I hadn't seen it all week. I didn't know where it was and hadn't thought about it. We looked everywhere twice (all the while making him late to pick up his partner across town). I was so frustrated with myself! I kept beating myself up, knowing that if only the house weren't *destroyed*... yes, really... the charger would be easier to find. I love how My Beloved doesn't blame me for anything... and I mean anything! Now late, MB left to pick up a spare charger at the office on his way out. As he was leaving I broke down! I tried so hard to hold it together, but when he said he loved me from the driver seat I couldn't say it back. I wanted to, but I knew he would hear the tears. Then I knew that I couldn't not say it, so I mustered up every ounce of not crying I could, but it didn't work. Nothing makes him sadder than making me sad... which of course made me cry more. Poor guy... having to drive away while I cry!

(Side note: when he got to his office, the case with the computers and cameras he needed this weekend were sitting by his desk! If he hadn't had to go back, they could have been forgotten, loosing money for the weekend and requiring a special (3 hour round trip) trip back for the equipment! I love God's sovereignty!!! I made some sort of remark to MB about how it was a good thing the house was so messy... God can use a messy house ladies! Of course, I think he prefers to use a clean one!)

I've been having some soreness due to engorgement the last day or so, so I decided to pump. I wanted to make sure I was getting all the milk... I wouldn't want to get mastitis! I had it when I was still nursing DS and it's not fun! I had boiled all the equipment the hour before since this was the first pumping session for this child, so now that MB was gone, I could sit and do it. Meanwhile I was still feeling really tired!

A couple hours later, after pumping (almost 5 ounces of liquid gold by the way!!! How nice it feels to have that in the freezer for an emergency or babysitter or whatever!), and feeding DD, and whatever else, I was still just dead on my feet. I was starting to feel a little weird too so I dug out our rarely working thermometer. I was able to get it to work long enough to find that I did indeed have a low grade temp! (I haven't been able to get it working since... I believe this is one of those miracles God still does!) That was enough to tell me to pick up the phone. It was 3 on a Friday! I was sore, had a fever and was looking at being solo with 2 little ones all weekend! I called the doctor. A couple hours later I had a prescription for mastitis! I was so thankful not to have to drag everyone back over there! :) (Could it be that this is why I was crying???)

Now, I don't like meds in general... and if we can avoid them we do, but mastitis is nothing to mess with!!! I'm doing all the home remedy things too, but there is no way I could make it this weekend if I got a full fledged infection! No indeed!

I did have to drag the children out to CVS to get the prescription filled. I had a bit of time to put together a few deals while I was there, but it turns out they were out of the Contour thing and I ended up putting everything else back. Not worth it this week without those 15 ECBs! :) If I feel up to it we may try another store tomorrow.

This evening I'm just dead tired. I was going to go to bed right after my shower (at 8:30), but DD hasn't fallen into a deap sleep yet and I just don't want to have to get up again. I figure I'll feed her now (a little early, but that's ok) and then go to bed for the long haul! :) Oh how nice that will feel!!!



At April 19, 2008 at 2:42 AM , Blogger Irene said...

I'll be praying for you friend. I am so sorry that you aren't well with your husband away. It is SO HARD to be everything for your children when you feel depleted yourself. I am just recovering from throwing my back out really bad, the third time since Elias has been born. This time was the first time Michael wasn't home to help with the load. I felt so irritable. Hang in there, and know that you are not alone. Oh and when you're sick, don't get overwhelmed with the housework and all, just be a good mom to your kids and take care of yourself. The rest can come later. Love ya!


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