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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Overwhelmed to say the least!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Overwhelmed to say the least!

I must say, I've just been through the most overwhelming couple of weeks I've had in my life in a long time (at least!) I'd love to say it's over, but I'm not sure I can promise that. For those of you who have been with me a while, I'm sure you noticed the drastic decline in posting. I am very sorry to have neglected you all. Unfortunately when push comes to shove, we must streamline our activities as a matter of survival! I was definitely in survival mode. I actually heard myself saying to my husband that I missed house cleaning... I was having serious domestic withdrawals!

Why you ask?? (Ok... so you didn't ask, but I'm going to pretend and share anyway.) I am happy to report that it was nothing huge or earth shattering or life changing. No one died (praise the Lord) or has been seriously ill or injured. It all comes down to having too much to do... and mostly for our business.

We have a photography business (primarily portrait and wedding) that I run from home and we do together in the evenings and weekends. May is our big high school seniors kick off month each year, so there were plenty of things happening for that (though not as many appointments as we anticipated.) In addition, we have launched a brand new website for that business and it required hours and hours of my attention getting things ready and fixed etc. Add to all that the intern who has been working with us the last couple weeks. When I agreed to take this high school senior on for a 3 week internship, I never in my wildest dreams imagined it would fall at the same time as everything else. And I didn't imagine how much of my time it would take. I run this business in the little moments, but having someone here to work on the business for 30 hours a week meant that I was constantly working to make sure I had things for her to do. This made me feel like I was constantly failing in one area or another... either I wasn't holding up my end in making sure she had work to do, or I wasn't taking care of my home, or I wasn't spending time with my children. Don't get me wrong, she has been a help too in getting a number of projects I would never get to done for me, but we won't be taking on another intern for a very long time!

Anyway, that is a "nut shell" version of my life these past weeks. This next week will probably prove similar, but I'm working my way back. Nothing has been cleaned in, well... I don't know. Meals haven't been real planned, CVS hasn't been shopped, and I'm just a bit overwhelmed by it all. Anyone have suggestions on how to get back on track?

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At May 26, 2008 at 4:27 PM , Blogger Nikki said...

Nope! I'm doing the best I can, too, with being sick a couple of weeks ago, John being out of town last week. And we're going out of town this week. Ugh! I need things to slow down, just like you do!

At May 27, 2008 at 8:00 PM , Blogger Marva said...

Girl, I don't have any advice either. I am overwhelmed and rarely have it together these days. Just know you're not alone and I'll be praying for you!



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