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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Learning for Little Ones: Bible Time

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Learning for Little Ones: Bible Time

Welcome to Learning for Little Ones! Do you have an idea or activity you do with your little ones??? Please share it with us. I'd love it if you would write a post on it sometime in the next couple days and link up to our Mr. Linky. I would ask, though, that you include somewhere in your post a link back to this post so others can participate! Thanks!

As I'm slowly moving toward more structured learning time with my toddler (22 months now), we have started a loose "circle time". I have "big" plans for it down the road (I'll share that more later), but for now, I am concentrating on the Bible time part of it. I thought I'd share what we are doing.

One important element of our "circle" time is having Tornado sit on the floor in front of me instead of in my lap. While we don't do all our reading and singing this way (one of the benefits of having our little ones at home with us is getting to do these things snuggled up after all), I do think it is beneficial for him to learn sitting by himself for a time. We have a rug on our living room floor that has squares on it, so Tornado sits in his own square. Then we sing songs (any will do... perhaps I'll pick the songs based on what "unit study" type things we are learning down the road, but this week we are primarily doing Bible songs), pray for someone in the family or missionaries we have overseas (I'm planning to make a prayer book of sorts with pictures of all the people we will pray for, but that's not done yet), and then read Scripture. We are reading Genesis 1 each day (most days anyway) and we've been working on memorizing Genesis 1:1. I incorporate as much sign language as possible and sign while we read. (You could just create hand motions for different parts of the chapter and verse if you don't know sign... Crystal acts it out as she goes along.) This helps keep Tornado interested as I read. He even participates. Whenever we get to the "there was evening and there was morning the ... day, he says day with me.

Now the verse is especially fun, especially after yesterday. He is actually learning it! Like I said, I sign it and say it, and now he is helping. I say "In the beginning," and he says and signs "God" with me. Then I add "created the heavens and the" and he helps me with "earth".

For a long time I thought maybe he was too young and not able to get it, but you never know when they start understanding and remembering... so I'm glad I started early.

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What are you doing with your little ones? Write a post on your blog and link up here. Be sure to link directly to your Learning for Little Ones post and don't forget to link back here so others can participate too. Feel free to use my little Learning for Little Ones banner at the top. Don't have a blog??? Leave your ideas in the comments section. :) I'm so looking forward to visiting your blogs and learning from all of you!



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