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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: "Somebody is going to feel me better"

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Somebody is going to feel me better"

The kids are sick. The first colds of the season I suppose. How I hate that they are in September. We've got a long "winter" ahead of us.

I was so hoping that Tornado's asthma wouldn't return this year, but alas, it has. Sunday we began seeing the first symptoms in Tornado (Daddy had last week and Sweet Pea started with it a couple days before). As we put him to bed I heard wheezing, so out came the inhaler.

Monday morning, 6:30, Tornado was at my bedside and he didn't sound good. Not good only got worse as he lay with Daddy for a bit. We have never been co-sleepers, so this was the first time either of our little ones lay in bed between us (occassionally I'll let one lay with me on my side in the morning, but that's all). By 7 or 7:15, we decided something needed to be done. Tornado lay with Daddy for a few minutes while I gathered up the nebulizer and its accessories.

The treatment didn't seem to do much good. The wheezing and rapid breathing continued. We served breakfast and let him play quietly. He sat with me while I checked some things and tried to determine how much of this was the cough/cold and how much may be an asthma attack. By 8:30 we were doing another nebulizer treatment (though we probably should have been doing it sooner). Retractions and wheezing were continuing and his breathing was as fast as 60+ breaths per minute (instead of 20ish).

Upon a 8:45 call to the pediatrician, we were told to come as soon as we could. None of us being dressed yet, I had to kick into action. While we were getting ready, Tornado informed me that "Somebody is going to feel me better." I had to smile. Around 9:30 we were at the doctors, Tornado was doing another nebulizer treatment and we had prescriptions for steroids and a new inhaler.

After a trip to the pharmacy/grocery store, we were home and My Beloved was on his way to work.

The days have been long, full of claims like "I am sick," when he wanted to get out of something or wanted more attention, and "I'm not sick anymore" when he wants to play or go to the library. We've been cuddling, watching lots of Signing Time and trying to keep the house running as best as possible. When they sleep, I try to get the business caught up from August's down time. I should say "if" they sleep... it doesn't always happen. :)

Are house is getting progressively better... and I'm (so far) staying well. Now if only I could keep Tornado from waking and getting out of bed several times every night, I may actually feel refreshed and awake in the mornings! (God is good... all the time!)



At September 16, 2009 at 2:17 PM , Blogger Kristin said...

Praying for healing... and sleep!

At September 18, 2009 at 12:39 PM , Blogger Irene said...

Oh that is so scary, asthma in children...I am so glad that you have a new inhaler and medication. Since Michael has it, I've expected our kids to have it too. So far so good though...hang in there and stay healthy!


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