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Our healthy living journey... part 3

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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Our healthy living journey... part 3

Monday, August 17, 2009

Our healthy living journey... part 3

Here are part 1 and part 2!


Refined sugars were next. As we have traveled this path for healthy living, we’ve met and fellowshipped with a number of people traveling the same road. Many are behind us, some have caught up faster than we could move, and others are still far ahead. They have helped in the understanding and decisions regarding refined sugars. Last fall we made the switch away from refined sugar. You see, we have long known that most artificial sugars weren't the best for us. Aspartame made me sick and gave My Beloved headaches for years. (Who knew there were more serious threats.) We had no idea, though, that plain old white sugar was a problem. Though the best bet is to remove most sugar from your diet, in our home it's just not practical. We've found that unrefined options are best. We've chosen Rapadura for most of our sugar use, and raw honey as often as we can.

Then January came, and with it a new shower head… one that filters chlorine. Now if only I could find a way to filter our bath spiget.

February brought with it a Berkey Water Filter to purify our drinking water, removing the chlorine and fluoride. (We had been previously been using a Brita.)

Spring brought the trial and error of homemade laundry soap (after switching to a natural brand around the time our first was born). I think Recipe 4 is close to the one we're using, though I can't remember exactly.

I know there are probably a handful of other little changes we’ve made which I’m forgetting, but I hope this has given you a little picture of how we got from where we were to where we are. I know there are a number of things looming in our future (hair and body care products, toothpaste, dishwashing soap, etc. for example), but each comes as a baby step with a lot of research, thought, and discussion. I generally think, think, think about the next step for a long while, figure out all the ramifications, research, shop around, and then plan a start time (like “when this bottle of shampoo is empty I’ll try the “no-poo” thing”.) It’s scary, but then, every other step was scary too, and now it’s just part of life!



At August 27, 2009 at 12:49 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you ever have a craving for a Big Mac, lemme know... :)

Maybe even a refined sugar based peppermint for intestinal issues :)

Eric from Oregon :)

At August 27, 2009 at 9:25 AM , Blogger ~Babychaser~ said...

O we have our cravings and our exceptions. We figure that if we are doing the best we can most of the time, our bodies can better handle those other little things. :)

Why, are you offering to bring your family and come here to buy me a Big Mac??? Cause I may just take you up on that!!


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