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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Our healthy living journey... part 2

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Our healthy living journey... part 2

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Late last summer I read an article online about plastics. Ugh! What now? Turns out, there are terrible chemicals in the things I let my babies chew on (eh, play with). BPA and PVC are found in many plastic toys as well as canned food products, and food packaging, as well as lots more. This one was huge. We spent some time deciding how we felt about this one. Were we going over the edge with this? Was this going a little far? We thought, we prayed, and we talked it over. These chemicals are known for causing a number of health problems, including infertility.

We decided to pull them. I researched toys and toy companies. I contacted manufacturers and asked questions. We learned which companies we could trust (Evenflo was frank about which plastics contained these chemicals and which weren’t, Fischer-Price made it clear that they are not to be trusted by refusing to answer our questions straight.) The next step was to get rid of the offending toys. We stopped buying canned food (BPA is used to make the plastic lining in most canned foods) as much as we could with plans to cut them out altogether as soon as possible.

The next step just sort of happened. We went organic. For many month we’d been telling people that we weren’t “organic”, but that we simply bought a number of organic items because that was the only way to find products without the ingredients we avoided. Then one day we were talking and it just made sense. If we are going to all the trouble and expense to do all this other stuff, why not just go all the way.

So, we started buying organic because it was organic… to avoid the pesticides. We buy organic produce when we can (and when we can afford it). We are deliberate about buying lettuce, tomatoes and apples organically because we can find them easily in our grocery store. When we have the opportunity to buy other things organic, we do. We trust the Lord for the rest of it.

In addition to the buying organic, we’ve grown a garden this year (our first and we love it!) This garden allows us to eat fresh, pesticide free produce and plenty to can for later (without BPA).

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