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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Be still my heart!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Be still my heart!

Oh how long I've waited, but today, my ears have heard the sound of my little girl calling out "mama... mama... mama".

They were playing in their room while I sat down the hall at the computer. I don't let them play back there without me very often, but when I am back and forth up and down the hall a bunch, I'll let them stay a few minutes after nap time to play and wake up. As they did acrobatics on the toddler bed, it was obviously important that I come watch.

In recent weeks Sweet Pea has begun coming to get me, taking my hand and pulling me to where ever she wants me to go. I love it! Occasionally she even comes toward me, haulers out an "aaaaaahhhh", and when I look toward her, she turns and heads back to where she came from. Now, this is most obviously a "Hey, come look Mommy!" But today for the first time, she came half way down the hall yelling, "mama, mama, mama..." until I looked (thanks no doubt to the brotherly example she has around here). Then she did her high-tail-turn-around to head back to their fun and games.

I should give a touch of background. Sweet Pea is nearing 18 months and is really not talking at all. She says a few one syllable variations of words like "da" and "bah" and the such for "Daddy" (which she says often when he gets home from work and what not) and ball ("bah" also means "baby" and "blanket" and a few others.) I don't worry about the lack of talking. Tornado really didn't take off with his talking until 19 months. I know that every little one develops in their own time. We just let them do that.

I'll take this chance to say, too, a piece about teaching children to sign and it's affects on when they talk. Some will say that teaching them to sign means they won't talk until late. When Tornado didn't talk and didn't talk and didn't talk, I heard that a lot. But I didn't believe them. Now with Sweet Pea, she isn't talking isn't talking isn't talking. But you know what? She hardly signs at all. She does a few (um... "please"), but doesn't even know very many... I've just dropped the ball on that one I guess (I have big plans to start getting them from the library again because I believe it really boosted Tornado's vocabulary once he started talking). So... though I didn't think signing affected when babies talk one bit, now I am even more convinced!

Back to the point though... she said "mama". **Smile**

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