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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: New Shoes

Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Shoes

My Beloved and I haven't needed to do much purchasing of clothes for our littles. Between hand me downs and gifts, we've managed to purchase very few items for them. Tornado's orange jacket (presently part of my header) that we purchased last fall was one of my favorites. We found it (Old Navy by the way) at Salvation Army for like $4. My favorite part is that it's a 4T... we put it on him last year and rolled up the sleeves a bit, this year it works great and yet is still a little on the bigger side so that it might actually work next year too!

Back on topic. Shoes have been hit and miss. Tornado's first real shoes were purchased one Christmas by my mom. We needed them... she wanted to buy them... she was in town... we went shopping. End of story. Then there are the "church" shoes that came with the Christmas outfit. For Sweet Pea, there have been a pair or two purchased as gifts, but (blessing beyond blessing) friends of ours have a little girl born around when Tornado was, so every time Sweet Pea comes into a new size, they bring over trash bags full of hand me downs for us to go through, wear and then return to them. There are always tons of shoes in there... more than we ever need, I guarantee!

When the warmth of late spring/early summer began we did have to purchase each kid a pair of sandals, but they are very multi-purpose. One pair of sandals are all they really need. They wear them to church and the store, to the play ground, in the garden and in the creek. One pair of shoes does a full summer.

As summer ended (a bit earlier than we expected), I added socks to their sandaled feet and made a mental note that we needed to pull out the next size of shoes for the kids. As I did that though, I discovered that, though we have a half dozen or more pairs of shoes for Sweet Pea in size 6, we had nothing in her size 5 feet. Same went for Tornado. We have a great pair of multi-purpose boots for him, but they are size 8, and Tornado's not quite there yet (hopefully winter).

So this past week we ventured to payless for shoes. I have a gift card from my birthday, but couldn't find anything that worked for me, so we headed for the kids shoes.

Tornado was thrilled with his camo shoes! He is always talking about them and asking specifically, "Can I wear my camo shoes?" I know I'm going to wish I'd chose something more bland when I want to put him in his navy pants... or just about anything that might not look great with camo, but I've decided I don't care. He really likes these shoes.

Sweet Pea loves shoes and loved being at a shoe store. We picked some size 5s out for her too. Though there was nothing I really loved, they would work until the "promised" bag of size 5 shoes would come from a sweet church lady. They seemed to fit alright, but the next morning while the kids were were wearing their shoes around the house (they wanted to wear their new shoes) she was seemingly suffering from pain. The mail lady was coming (a big event for every morning!) and on her way to the front door to meet us, she stopped sharply and cried until I would come. She didn't want to take any more steps.

Back to the shoe store we went. And guess what???

They had the cute ones I liked in 5 1/2! I was (and am) very excited about that!! I almost bought the dark brown ones we tried on first. My eye liked them better from the start, but after deciding on them, I saw that these lighter ones were the same design. I'm glad I opted for these because the dark brown ones wouln't have looked so cute with this little outfit!!

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