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Father's Day... how my babies' daddy wanted to spend it

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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Father's Day... how my babies' daddy wanted to spend it

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day... how my babies' daddy wanted to spend it

My Beloved's Father's Day buys... fireworks!

Father's Day started for us the same way every Sunday does... we get up and get going to church. We were almost 30 minutes late for Sunday school (just like last week), but I figure we got more out of it than we would have if we'd skipped because we were running so late.

During our morning preparations, My Beloved mentioned that he might want to go get fireworks after church. A friend of his from work sets up a stand about 40 minutes south of us. He delivers, so re really didn't have to drive all the way down there, but My Beloved wanted to go down... if it worked out.

So after church we took our time visiting and chatting and fellowshipping... taking the slow way out of church. It was a lot of fun. Then just before 1, we headed out of the parking lot. Turns out this firework stand was right in front of a yummy pizza shop, so we were going to do lunch too!

We got down there around 1:30 and headed over to say hi before heading in to eat. Sadly, his family wasn't there yet but we hoped that if we took our time eating lunch, we may still get to meet them.

Lunch was good! I polished off this last piece after taking the picture! :)

After we got cleaned up, My Beloved did his big shopping. He browsed, he picked, he read off his list and gathered. I'm pretty sure he was having a good time! I sat in the swivel chair under the tent (where not all customers get to hang out... apparently I look like I'm supposed to have a baby in 6 weeks or so) and watched my kids run around. Our shopping time took a lot longer than a normal person's would have because 80 percent of our being down there was social.

Just before My Beloved was finished wrapping up his order, we were thrilled for his friend's family to arrive! It's always fun to meet the family of a friend... but it gets even better than that. Apparently, a while back, My Beloved told his friend about this little blog of mine... and he told his wife... and they follow! All of this is crazy to me... but I officially met a reader! What a treat!

And it gets better! We talked and chatted all afternoon (until just after 5!) What like-minded people they seem to be so far! We are looking forward to getting to know them better. We still have hours and hours and hours to go before I'd say we know them well, but on the way home My Beloved said to me... "Well, you said we didn't know anyone (locally anyway) who thinks the way we do... we may have just found them."

We're looking forward to finding out! Thanks J and L for a fun afternoon!

And thanks for all the fireworks!

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