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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tot School

~ Sweet Pea is 26 months, 3 weeks ~
Tot School

Though I have not gone so far as to make official "plans" for Sweet Pea's "Tot School" just yet, I have made plans to be more intentional. This has turned into some very fun times around our home during the day!

Sweet Pea wanted to play with the train tracks (Tornado wasn't going to argue!), so we all played train tracks. Tornado had a track on my left, and Sweet Pea and I worked with her track on my right. Sweet Pea likes making her trains go up and down the hill, so we spent some time doing that, saying "up"...

... and down. And up and down...

...and sometimes "off". She thought it was very fun! We did this for a long while.

Then she wanted to read and picked this tractor book with flaps.

She wanted to do puzzles next, so I brought them all out and she worked her way through them. (Yes, she is wearing her brother's cowboy boot slippers!)

We made towers with blocks too. Part of this lesson is teaching the kids not to knock down each others' towers without asking.

I generally *hate* play-doh. I avoid it when I can... but everything fell into place to play with it last week, so I went for it. And you know what? It wasn't as bad as I was expecting. Sweet Pea wanted a bridge, so I made her one. She put her hand under again and again and I would say "under" each time. She would laugh and pull it out and do it again.

After a bit I showed her how to do "over" and she walked her fingers "over" the bridge (that was hard to catch on camera... she's so fast!)

After putting her hand under the bridge one time, I grabbed both sides of it and wrapped it around her wrist, saying "around". She thought this was very funny and wanted me to do it over and over again!

We did a number of other things throughout the week (this was the only day I got "blog-able" pictures.) We went on a "nature walk" to the end of the street where the kids are aloud to run around in a field. We read tons of books and played around! We've even started spending more "table time". She'll color for a while, then she enjoys "organizing" the crayons, moving them from the box to the lid, and then flipping it back.

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