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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Fresh worries and the Creator

Monday, January 17, 2011

Fresh worries and the Creator

The end of five months came and with it the same worries fresh.

Digital numbers on display. A baby on the scale. He's growing!

But is it *enough*?

Is it ever enough?

Three babies born to us, and never do they gain quite the way I hope... never are all doubts quenched. All questions quieted.

Then come the gentle words, again... the baby, look at the baby. Not the charts.

Not the charts. But how can I ignore? How can I but compare? What else do I know?

The baby. A mother of three, still I flounder. I stare long, mind empty. I don't know. I expect some sort of understanding. It doesn't come.

I say I don't compare. Each child is different. But I do. Not to my oldest. Not to my girl. But to hundreds of thousands of others.

Look at the baby. This baby. My baby.

How can he be behind in pounds and ounces, yet perfect in every other way?

How can he be behind in pounds and ounces, yet ahead in diapers and laundry? (So far ahead!)

Look at the baby! This baby. Not his baby or her baby or all of those babies... My baby.

Look at the smiles, the laughs, the eyes. Hear the laughs, the cries, the squeals. Wipe the spit-up, change the diapers, wash the laundry.

My baby.

I look to the Creator of the baby, not the maker of the charts. With that, He calms all my questions. Soothes all my fears.

And He'll be there to do it again tomorrow, and next week, and next month... until finally I trust. Until finally I remember.

140. almost 16 pounds

141. toys in the mouth

142. rolling over...

143. and back again!

144. pushing up... so high!

145. a new toy

146. carefully watching a brother

147. boys laughing together

148. spit-up on his chin

149. spit-up everywhere!

150. a fresh diaper wet through

151. a fresh outfit soiled again

152. raspberries in my face... with spit-up

153. changing clothes again... for me

154. mounds of laundry and the loves that create them

155. pedialyte ("I like ped-ly Mommy. It taste good. I better now."

156. a reason to learn patience

157. cuddles x3

158. bouncing in delight!

(Disclaimer: Please remember to look to your Creator and your baby, not my words in making your judgments. If you have concerns regarding your baby, call your doctor. Please know that these words of mine are from me about me... look to the Creator to guide you!)

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At January 17, 2011 at 11:12 PM , Blogger Ostriches Look Funny said...

This means a lot to me. My son has low muscle tone and it was so so hard, SO hard to see him. To really see him, when he was 7 months old and unable to sit on his own.
Thank you for the reminder.


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