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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: "It Just Happened"

Monday, January 3, 2011

"It Just Happened"

I had already "lost it" several times since nap time began. I could tell it wasn't going to go well from the start. Little Man was already in there, screaming, when I brought Sweet Pea in, diapered her and tucked her beneath the covers of their new bunk beds. I took a few minutes to cuddle Little Man, helping him calm down. Once calm, I tucked him, too, into his bed. The crying resumed. I left the very noisy room with the reminder to Sweet Pea to stay in bed, quiet and still. And not to keep Little Man awake.

My hope (however unfounded) was that she would fall right to sleep and be long gone before I brought Tornado in a short time later. I joined Tornado beneath the cozy red blanket on the couch for our "reading lesson" (which is in fact a reading lesson... but it's the way he always says it no matter what, so it cracks me up). When we were done 20ish minutes later, we walked in to a fully awake Sweet Pea (and a sleeping Little Man). That is truly when I knew it was not going to go well. They do much better when one is asleep already. Otherwise...

The biggest deal here was that they NOT wake up Little Man. Have I mentioned that I'm sick? I worked all last week (a labor of love, but work none the less) caring for my sick family. Adding to the sick tolls each day until My Beloved was #4 come Thursday and Friday. Over the weekend, my body (despite fresh garlic, elderberry syrup, lots of herbal tea and all) finally gave to it all. And here I am... My Beloved is back at work (after last week's vacation) and I am here taking care of my sick self, two busy and still a bit sick kids and one still sick but oh so cute baby.

There now... with all the background. Next came my (several) blow ups. I got angry and I let it fly. I'm not proud... I'm not happy about it. But it happened. I think I may need a new 3x5 card... my old one died a curly death above the sink. And I really exploded in an open fit of frustration when they woke up the baby. I asked their forgiveness and hugs were given all around, but it still happened.

Then, while nursing (now awake) Little Man in the living room, I heard hysterical cries from the bedroom. Strange, not because it doesn't happen sometimes, but because it is usually preceded with some loud crash or bump.

Today... nothing.

Just crying.

More curious than worried, I grabbed up Little Man and we headed back to find out what would start such crying from both children. When I opened the door I had to hold back my chuckle. First I asked the question I always ask when I find something like this... "Are you hurt or scared?" I had to ask several times, as usual before I could understand the answer through the sobs.


Ok, good. I can work with scared. And they should be scared... they just broke my curtains! As I came around to the side of the bed, I could see them both. Sweet Pea up on her knees hysterical... and inconsolable. Tornado, much the same on his top bunk, holding up half of the curtains on the rod. The other half of the rod was still attached to the window frame, curtains sagging low.

I took Tornado's half from him, laying it on the dresser. Then I decided to let loose... I laughed. I couldn't help it. Eventually Tornado was laughing too... really more of a laugh/cry. Sweet Pea was still sobbing. It helped her when I took down the other half of the curtains.

And no one would have gotten in trouble for it either... I was going to let the fear be their consequence... until Tornado lied about how the whole thing happened. As if the curtains could just fall when no one was touching them... and he just happened to be fast enough to catch them before they fell to the ground.

Ah huh.


I returned to the living room with Little Man and could only think how grateful I am for my babies... even on days like these. If I didn't have all these little frustrations, it would mean I didn't have these precious ones to raise, train, and spend my time with!

116. Painting watercolors together for missionary friends

117. Tornado's duplo "garage with lots of doors" (his first "garage" by himself)

118. Some dry nights (for Tornado... mine are all dry)

119. Many 8 hour night stretches for Little Man

120. A wonderful time having My Beloved home last week

121. hours of work done by My Beloved around the house.

122. kids and husband that are feeling better

123. grace in sickness!

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At January 3, 2011 at 8:17 PM , Blogger Annesta said...

I love your transparency and your attitude. This is such a sweet post. I am so sorry for your day but the way that you handled it is just a testimony to your sweet spirit.
And, you are so correct to be so thankful for your babies...before you know it they will be all grown up! That's what happened to me...I turned around twice and they were grown and getting married! hehehe


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