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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pet Food

Tuesday night was the state testing for My Beloved's EMT certification. He's been taking classes for this since August. And he's been at the top of his class the whole time. And blessed with a partner who was right up there with him. What a blessing! Saturday he passed his practical state exam with flying colors. Tuesday night was the final deal. The last time he would be away from us... for this class anyway. We won't know the results for a couple more weeks... but it's done just the same.

Anyway... Tuesday night I heard car doors close and turned in my chair when I heard lock and keys working together at the door. In he came... on the phone, with flowers in hand.

That's my sweetheart! He stops for bananas (again, a sweetheart!) and can't help but bring home flowers!

Well... I thought they were for me anyway. And he let me believe it too. Last night at dinner I found out the real story:

We have a pet in the house this week (there were two until Sweet Pea got a little too close to one of them with her foot). "Night time butterflies," as they are known around here. We call them moths too, but they are less scary when they are "night time butterflies". It's just too cold and snowy to turn them out, so for now, they stay. Plus, it's great entertainment when they flutter around the kids... they freak out. (Mother of the year anyone?)

This particular pet was getting threats from me during dinner last night for fluttering around my head and face while I was trying to eat. I threatened to toss it in the snow if it didn't find somewhere to settle for a while. (Tornado informed me that it was to cold and it would die... I told him I knew and that he'd better think about that. Again, mother of the year!)

That's when he settled in to join us for dinner. He ate at this flower for the remainder of the meal. And really seemed to enjoy it.

It was then that I figured him out. My Beloved was really bringing food home for our pet moth Tuesday night. Not flowers for his wife.

Or not.

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