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Gifts for a little girl's 3rd birthday

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Chasing Babies... Growing in Grace: Gifts for a little girl's 3rd birthday

Monday, February 7, 2011

Gifts for a little girl's 3rd birthday

With one month to go before my little girl turns 3, I've started
thinking about gifts. Not the ones we'll give her... no, no. The ones she'll get. We are so blessed with loving and spoiling family! The trouble is that I'm very particular... and we don't have a whole lot of space. Not to mention that we are trying to live simple lives (as best we can with all the things we get into) and to raise our children up simply! This means I'm often paring down the collection of toys and such that gather.

This is where "birthday lists" come into play. On one hand I hate them. They seem so assuming... so needy. In a world where really and truly our children do not need anything, a birthday list seems low. On the other hand, there are people who are going to buy something... whether they have a direction to go with or not. If that is the case, I'd really like to be able to guide the situation and control it as much as possible (control freak anyone???)

With this thought in mind, I usually ignore the "assuming-ness" of the whole thing and think up a Birthday List. Below you'll find my ideas for gifting for my little [almost] 3 year old little girl and future homemaker! Maybe some of them will apply to your little 3 year old too!

First of all... anything pink! Pink is "in" around here. We were talking about looking at houses and buying a house with a yard. She wanted a pink yard. We were going to the farm show for our anniversary and she wanted to know if there would be a pink lion there. Everything has to be pink. It's the theme for her birthday this year! Pink!

Dresses are a big deal around here too! She loves them. Skirts too. And if they are pink (see above), all the better! Our Sweat Pea is wearing size 4 in dresses and skirts... though even some of those are not long enough, so even then we have to pick (or home make) the longer of them.

Small Broom
As we work toward doing housework together, I think she would really enjoy having her own broom!!! And so much easier to use than the big one Mommy uses!

Manhattan Toy Stella Doll
This little baby doll is the only one I've found that is all cloth (at least as far as I can tell) and has a "real" look to it. She carries all her stuffed animals around, calling them baby. They get cuddled, nursed, and carried in a "sling" (creative use for a plastic slinky). I'm thinking she's ready for a "real" baby doll. And I'm hoping to hand craft a few baby doll friendly accessories (crib, sling, etc.)

Melissa and Doug Puzzles
Puzzles are a big thing right now. This isn't girlie per se, but she'd really enjoy these. She's ready to move on from her simpler ones, but not quite ready for the 24 piece puzzles her brother has.

God's Wisdom for Little Girls
Sweet Pea got this for Christmas and just loves it! It talks through the character from Proverbs 31 in rhyme. Very sweet!

Blueberries for Sal
We got this one from the library and the kids really enjoyed it. They were sad to see it go! I love that it starts and ends with pictures of mommy canning the blueberries and Sal "helping".

The Little House
Another sweet one we borrowed from the library!

Gifts not to get (each of these may need entire posts of their own):
  • Character specific toys and products! (No Dora, Seseme Street, Disney, etc.)
  • Princess anything, especially Disney!
  • Barbie... we are a no barbie family.
  • Stuffed animals!... nuff said.
  • Toys made out of plastic... there are a select few that are approved, safe companies. Plastic toys that come in rarely stay.

Like I said... this is a list for our family... for our girl. I know what we already have too... like craft supplies, which would also be great!

Do you have any ideas for 3 year old girls???



At March 23, 2011 at 10:54 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

a tea set


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